All day -Jukka Risikko, a nature photographer, from the expanses of the collection image

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All day -In picture glows in the morning sun

All day The cover of the package was photographed with the Lapua Alajoki fields in August 2016. The shooting site was already familiar to nature photographer Jukka Risiko. However, the moment of shooting was exceptional. “I hadn't been able to photograph such a cool morning sunrise before the grain fields. I set off well in advance of the sunrise and managed to recover that morning peaceful atmosphere and beautiful shades, ”says Risikko from the moment of shooting.

Risikko is interested in describing everything related to nature. When describing it, it is important for him to find an approach and perspective that suits the subject. Risikko most depicts nature, landscapes and birds. “I always try to convey the atmosphere at the time of shooting to the viewer. Often, special conditions, such as the fog and beautiful light make the picture special, ”Risikko opens his photography philosophy.

Expansion All day The picture of the package is a landscape in Risiko's mind: "In the expansive landscapes, the mind also rests because I was born and grew up in Lapua."

all-day-northoutdoorNorth Outdoor's collection images are handmade by Finland's leading nature photographers. All day -Jukka Risikko was photographed by the collection.

“The peace of nature, beauty and surprise is fascinating”

There are endless opportunities for development in nature photography. It and nature themselves are also the salt of photography for Risiko: “Things also fit into the right proportions in nature, and not everything can be influenced. Also, being learning more about nature all the time is a nice addition. There are also endless layers in nature to examine ”.

Jukka Risikko started a regular shooting in the fall of 2015. “Nature photography took me as I became enthusiastic about following the crabs in the migratory trees on foggy mornings. This gave rise to the enthusiasm to get the mood of those mornings in the pictures. That same zeal has driven me to develop as a photographer for the past year, ”says Risikko.

Social media platforms have played an important role in Risiko's photographer in his career. "The abundant positive feedback encouraged me to continue, and over the years, my social channels have already accumulated over 200,000," Risikko opens.

“With visibility and long -term work, there have also been opportunities to work with many different parties over the years. One great example of this cooperation with North Outdoor, ”Risikko rejoices. In addition to the work of the photographer, Risikko is still working as a part-time pharmacist at the pharmacy. In addition, Risikko works in various projects where nature photography always acts as a red thread.

Risikko is happy to describe in the vicinity of Lapua, because as a family, he has to think about his time in particular. Shooting trips also accumulate further. “Of these, perhaps the most amazing moments I have spent in Kauhanevan-Pohjankangas National Park, where I have been hiking through the summer night for a few summers, depicting the scenery and birds. It is more to go to the dreams. Especially Lapland destinations, such as Kilpisjärvi, are already in mind, ”says Risikko from his dreams.


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