Product Testing Tips - This is how merino wool works

North Outdoor's product tester Noora Peter went to work for the second time, while putting merino wool clothing on the acid test. In extreme conditions the best of merino wool come brilliantly. Read Noora's interesting traveling tips and test results!

Noora-Peteri-Moving Guide-NorthoutdootThe trip to the Antarctic is the second to Noora Peter. The highlight of the commute was the promotion from the Apuo guide to a leading guide. The promotion brought with it a nice challenge. Noora praises her team, which consisted of top professionals.

1. Select the products as needed

Kayaking guide and professional adventurer Noora Peter spent her second winter on Antarctica on a research cruise ship. Clothes must be carefully selected for the trip, as nothing new can be purchased during the 6 -week trip. There is a compact space and the clothes must be versatile.

Experienced traveler Noora calls for the importance of careful choice and packaging: “I always try to choose clothes so that they work in many different situations and as well as possible in every activity. There is limited space in small ship cabins, so you can't bring much. ”

Noora is a careful packer anyway. He is used to situations where everything must be prepared for in advance. “When packing in Antarctica, I try to minimize everything too. It is useless to pack your clothes more than the need. I pack certain things according to the extra song, such as sunscreen and sunglasses. These can be difficult to find in remote locations. ”

Product Testy-Tips-NorhtoutdoorAlthough there is hardly any human settlement in Antarctica, life is there too! There are various penguins, birds, seals and whales in the area. Noora thought every day how lucky she was when she was able to prove something so great. It often pulled it speechless.

2. Merino wool clothing is refreshing by ventilating

Washing clothes is often the biggest challenge on the trip. I also saw Noora. The advantage of merino wool clothing is the low need for water washing because Merino clothing freshen up by ventilating. Ventilation even takes the smell of sweat and smoke. This keeps the clothes on the trip without washing usable for weeks.

“I took two weeks of trip with two underneath, two intermediate layer And something extra for the coldest days. This way I was able to wash or ventilate my clothes from time to time. It may sound crazy, but I have often gone for a month without washing of clothes or with no ventilation with the same clothes. Fortunately, it's Merino! ”.

Noora-Peter-South Manner-NorthoutdoorOn the days when the conditions allow it to be paddled, Noora is like a small child in a candy shop: one smile. Antarctica is a magical place. The whole place is surrounded by glaciers and there are large boulders and many animals in the area.

3. Invest in travel clothes and comfort

Merino They are convenient when traveling because they are so versatile. They breathe well and regulate the heat well. Traveling from Lapland to Antarctica takes an average of 5-6 flights. Merino clothing does not start to smell, even though clothes are kept on board, ”says Noora.

Merino wool clothing is particularly well suited for traveling and traveling when you cannot change your clothes. The heat -smoothing feature always makes you feel comfortable and suitably warm. There is no need to worry about cleanliness either. Merino clothing does not wrinkle easily. Two factors in merino wool clothing are over others: "But the best qualities are comfort and softness!"

Antarctic-NorthoutdoorBecause washing and even ventilation are often almost impossible in the cruise area, Noora's merino clothing always gets pampering, that is, ventilation and a break from the wash. If necessary, he also maintains the plucking clothes.

4. Set to quality - trust with merino wool

Merino wool is, for good reason, the choice of many adventurers and extreme travelers. The benefits of merino wool are superior. The difference with other materials is only emphasized in extreme conditions. This is how Noora also experiences.

“When working in extreme conditions, it is important that I can trust my equipment. It has long been clear that wool, and especially merino wool, is absolutely the number one when we are in cold conditions for a long time. ”

North Outdoor merino wool clothing is designed for active life. Good cuts and guaranteed comfortable fit are the cornerstones of the design. The end result is perfect to forget about the clothes and just focus on doing what you like in the weather.

“After all, clothing is a very important thing about doing your own. If the layers are not right under the dry suit, then it is quite unfortunate to work in the cold. The underfloor and intermediate layers need to move moisture and breathe well, as the dry suit itself does not breathe impossible. Many times, as a canoeing guide, I have to be on a little too long indoors all the equipment before I get into the fresh outdoor air, which again leads to the time to sweat. Then it is important that there is a garment below that warms even if it gets wet. ”

When the equipment is in order, it is better. This is how Noora also experiences: “Of course, comfort and how the clothes feel against the skin affects doing things. Merino wool antibacteriality increases comfort because the layers do not start to smell so sensitively. ”

Antarctic-NorthoutdoorNoora feels that working as a canoeing guide in extreme conditions is educational, stunning and exciting, and often quite magical.

5. These Noora had included

Noora upgraded to the trip for the underneath Sensitive-Merininura. The previously used Intense Pro had at times too thin on the Antarctic trip.

“The first time was in use now Sensitive 225 sea collection. These have now convinced after the first trip! The difference is noticeable in thickness. Don't hear through. Are so thicker that sometimes I used in legs solely Sensitive 225 underneath trousers. More heat I got when I turned on Arctic-Merinos shorts in the series, who were also included last ”.

“Sensitive There is no unnecessary praised collection. The undercoat has been quite diamond! This is just what I missed. Not too thin or itching -then not at all. I don't find anything to improve on this subfloor. It's pretty shockingly comfortable and works. I don't think I'm going to switch from this to anything very easily. ”

Layer dressing is a familiar way for Noora to increase warmth: “On colder days I added those who have been involved last time Arctic-Merino panties in the Series Series or new All day 250 Merinofleece pants”.


“I had heard praise about Merinoflece, and I have to say that these have not been praised for nothing! Really warm and so comfortable on. If necessary, I used merinofleece pants and shirt and vest as an additional heat. All of these work in everyday life and outdoors. Merinoflete products are very warm, but they still breathe if you travel, for example. The leggings have been mostly for me in everyday use, but they are good in resulting, as they can also be used as intermediate pants when needed. ”

A typical set for Noora was such a combination (from the lowest layer to the top): Intense Pro 180 T-shirt, Sensitive-The layer and Arctic-Intermediate. As an additional heat All day 250 Merinofleece shirt or -vest. Noora chose mostly collar and hooded tops because the experience has taught that they work best under a dry suit.

North Outdoor has products from head to toe. Noora's favorite choice of socks was Basic 60 socks: “Surprisingly, I used just Basic 60 sea socks. In the past, I used even thicker socks on these, but on this trip the climate may have been warmer. For some reason, I never freezed even though I used them alone. The accessories were in use Arctic-Tube scarf, and head to warm up Active-previously involved merino. ”.

“On this trip, I also got to test merino apparatus. Merino boxers brought extra heat! ”

Antarctic-Glass-NorthoutdoorNoora says that in extreme conditions you learn to read, sense and respect nature. Its power is so great that one can do nothing for it.

6. Merino wool underwear under the merino

Noora has long wanted to move on her merino wool in underwear, for their antibacterial and breathability. The trip in the test was All day 150 and -Hipsters. The biggest benefits of merino underwear are breathability, moisture transfer, softness and antibacteriality. Using merino wool lingerie, you can also get all the power out of the merino coach when there is only merino wool against the skin.

Noora feels that merino wool is the perfect material for women's underwear.“This is perhaps a pretty sensitive or private topic, which is why it probably hasn't been so much talked about. I have very sensitive skin - just about it. But especially there, and I believe many women have. ”

Noora times that poor material in underwear can cause inward growing hairs and inflammation.“Merino wool is comfortable on the skin and is suitable for very sensitive skin because of its naturalness. I have really liked it myself and I believe that in the future my own lingerie will be updated mainly with merino wool. ”

Noora-Peter-NorthoutdoorNoora enjoyed the bonging of the whales, especially on the trip. There were sword whales, bay whales and humpback whales: "It's a pretty fierce feeling about 15 meters long, about a basic bus long, and a weight of about 30-40 tons of milestone."

7. Precise Tips for Extreme Traveler

Noora has clear tunes on how to advise others who dream of extreme trips: “It is worth investing in quality! Nothing is as bad as the fact that the equipment does not work as they should. However, it must be remembered that equipment and clothing must be maintained regularly to last for a long time. ”

It can be challenging to estimate the amount of clothes needed when traveling for the first time. Experience creates a good touch of how much merino wool clothes are needed. Or more precisely how little.

“Many times it can do much less than you think. I make a list of what I pack for every trip. Then, during or after the trip, I go through what was really necessary, which was useless and what I might have done without even. Already during the trip, I will try to put it up if something is missing and what would have been necessary to be involved. ”

Noora sums up the quality of the North Outdoor Merino wool clothing like this: “For my own doing, where not so insanely sweat, but we are in a lot of cold conditions - merino wool wins everything when it comes. As I have already greatly praised the features of merino wool: transmits well moisture and keeps warm even if it is moist, but it does not start to smell even if it gets wet. Breathability and comfort. And of course ecology, because you don't have to be washed all the time! ”.

Northoutdoor-South MannerCatabathic winds blowing from glaciers are something you can't always predict. Safety is important and guides are constantly monitoring tides, wind, waves and mention. The wind may suddenly reach the storm readings and can be a danger to both experienced and inexperienced canoeists.