Valtteri Rantanen shares style tips for men

Valtteri Rantanen is Tiktok's style influencer, especially known for his style and fun style of style nameptions. Read Valtter's story about how he became a self -taught style guru and social media expert!

Men-style tips-northoutdoorValtteri Rantanen is a 26-year-old Helsinki content producer who shares style tips and men's lifestyle content on social media. Valtter has Tictory Over 46,000 followers.

Familiar from Tiktok

Valtteri is often recognized on the street. The social and positive man is happy to go into the photos with the followers: "I am taken from the fact that my face has been left in the mind of people."

Mostly Valtter is asked "Is this style?". The same question is repeated countless times in the Valtter Tiktok account videos. Information hunners ask for detailed questions about any piece of clothing, shoes and accessories.

And Valtteri answers. Has responded soon for three years. Valtteri started content production with a goal -oriented Tiktok in 2020. Then a rough plan was created for style and what his story would be on social media.

Valtteri went to tick with the idea that it would also become a job for him. The goal was to inspire as many as possible. The idea that the younger Valtteri would expect someone to identify with a person to finally come out and help with fashion and lifestyle issues.

At the age of 24, it was a perfect moment to start: “I already had quite a lot of shopping, styling clothes and packages, and understanding of dress ideologies. I had also done so much overtime as a warehouse worker that I had been able to get some clothes in my wardrobe that I could present as a content producer. ”

“I knew Tiktok was the opportunity to reach the general public, even though I was nobody without any follower. The platform rewards appealing content, and the continuous positive feedback has led me to continue to publish content from year to year. ”

style tips-northoutdoorSocial media also brings negative comments. Valtteri also welcomes them. He states that not everyone can be the target group. However, each comment increases the visibility of the account. Comments and reactions indicate that the content is talking. The best thing is nice feedback and numerous topics that come in a lot.

Teenagers' styles

Valtteri directly admits that his sense of style has only evolved over time. The desire to be stylish in my teens, but the initiative was in search of it. Instead of the actual acts, Valtteri dreamed. He could already see when someone looked good. Still, it was not so easy to make choices for yourself.

“In junior high, some school boys owned cool clothing, or somehow made the clothes look good on. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of some ideology in styles, and I didn't know why something looked good, ”Valtteri says.

Still, clothes have always been interested in Valtter. As a young man still searched for his own style, it was easy to fall into overpriced trendy clothes, which were paid for the parents' wallet, for example as an early birthday present.

“Even though I was a total style, I didn't really realize it at the time. Sometimes I liked to go shopping with my friends, and in my opinion, successful shopping trips became a great feeling. The feeling that he knew what to do on the dress side, he significantly increased his shy boy's confidence. ”

If Valtter was now asked what the purpose of his life is, the answer would be to help and inspire men and the younger Valtter to be more confident and believe in himself more.

In that, style tips play a big role: “I was not a man I wanted to be. I don't think most men are completely. ”

style tips-men-northoutdoorNorth Outdoor clothing is used by Valtter in the same way in stylish casuals as in outdoor activities, exercise and coaching. Picture on top of black North Outdoor All day 250 Merinofleececehopper.

Merino wool is perfect for functional and neat style

Valtteri himself always seems to be well -groomed and stylish, whether he was in a coolest way or in a hurry to work for his personal trainer. Exercise work requires functional clothing, which merino wool fits better than well. The most important thing for Valtter is to find a suitable entity that is good to be.

My stylish casual outfit usually consists of timeless clothes. Accessories often make the last and very important touch of my look. Mostly my day's passage is no reason to touch jeans, but it goes stylish and functional sport where the day's workout is also pulled ”.

However, clothing is always chosen according to the situation. Kasuals, simple North Outdoor clothing in style are in Valtter's mind. My favorite is currently black Birch. Out of pants All day 250 Merinofleece nets, Valtter thinks they are the best.

North-outdoor sea wool shirtIn the picture Valtter has North Outdoor Kaski-sea wool shirt Water green in color.

Stylishly practical

In merino clothing The best part is that I have never been cold in winter thanks to them. Merino clothing experience only improves as you learn how to use the right combinations and thicknesses according to activity and weather. I like the fact that I have many different with a layer of layers to different situations. It is thicker, thinner, hoody and collar. ”

Valtteri follows the trends on the side eye and will only join them if they have an intrinsic value other than trend. The most important thing is the clothes that look good but are practical.

“I think stylish practicality is stylish. Sometimes, however, you have to suffer in front of the style. Although it is sometimes more practical to put on the suit in a freezing jacket, the stylish man won't do. A stylish man prefers to choose a woolen fabric and fold the distances even by taxi, ”laughs Valtteri.

Valtter has North Outdoor clothing in the closet for good reason: “Merino wool They are warm, nice, stylish and easy to care for. ”

style tips-men-north outdoorI'm happy to dress in functionally. In winter I mostly use the feeling that suits my mood vessel-or intermediate the top under my jacket. Even in severe frosts, the right top choice alone has kept better than very warm, ”says Valtteri

What is the style?

We asked Valtter if there is merino Style. “Of course, it can be if you do it. ” After a moment of thinking, Valtteri goes on, "The style would be not to own a merino bunch!".

What kind of sea ​​-knitwear is the style of being a styling?

“One that fits into the whole and color scheme and sits in a way that suits the event. If the dressing theme is more Smart Casual at the event, the merino knit must be thin and firmly fitting. ”

Valtteri himself pays attention to many things when choosing and combining clothes. Hoodie Even the choice is not quite simple. Valtteri advises you to always pay attention to the whole and choose the hoodie accordingly. The color and thickness of the hoodie can play a big role in what the whole thing eventually looks like.

“The soil can be found in addition to ordinary hoodies zipper hoodies For different purposes, because in some situations I know I will lighten up clothing when going indoors. It is good to happen cleverly ”.

Valtteri is happy to give style tips in Somme and asking. Otherwise, he will not interfere with the style of others. Everyone is allowed to look in peace.

“Finns are unfortunately sensitive to asking for help. You can always ask about it and I will be happy to help. When someone asks me something about style, I get excited. ”

From North Outdoor Valtteri especially recommends men's thin merino knitwear Gorge and Whine. Women's products should be inspected by North Outdoor's spacious merino wool shirts such as Casque mixed Wind Culottes.

style tips-men-north outdoor

North Outdoor's standard face

Valtteri Rantanen is also a familiar face to North Outdoor's Tiktok, and especially live broadcasts, which can be followed on North Outdoor's Instagram and Tiktok.

“Live broadcasts are incredibly fast half-hours! Here is one good example of the cool things that the content creator's job can do. It has been cool to get in real time to inspire people with the things that are important to themselves! The broadcasts have also felt exciting because North Outdoor offered me the first chance of my life to appear in a live broadcast, ”says Valtteri.

Content production has become a job for Valtter, which could only be dreamed of a couple of years ago. The work of a freelancer means freedom for Valtter. Through work, like -minded people have also been found.

“I may be a screenwriter, photographer, model, editor and public authority in the Digital Marketing Project. So I am sometimes alone for the whole production company and sometimes I just need only certain areas, ”Valtteri opens the picture of the work.

style tips-northoutdoor

Valtter's top 5 style tips - this is how you succeed!

  1. Keep it simple. Prefer neutral colors. Less is more.

  2. Analyze and learn. Always think about why something looks good or bad. A thoughtful style saves a lot of time and money on shopping trips when there are no shopping shopping.

  3. Take yourself upright and take care of hygiene and clean and clean clothes.

  4.  Good situational awareness is always stylish.

  5.  If you feel about your style, be proud of it and carry yourself as if it would be the best day in your life.