Merinofleece - better than traditional fleece and college

Merinofleece is the breakthrough we've been waiting for! Born from North Outdoor's product development, this merino fleece dazzles with benefits that are multiple times greater than traditional polyester fleece. North Outdoor's merino fleece garments combine the unbeatable properties of merino wool with the style of collegiate clothing.


A more environmentally friendly choice

Merino fleece is a true breakthrough in the textile industry because it can replace the previously heavily used polyester fleece, which is made from petroleum. The best way to reduce the textile industry's microplastic load is by substituting synthetic fibers with natural materials.


Plastic Impact on the Environment

A significant portion of the environmental impact of textile products arises during washing. Products made from plastic-based materials release microplastics into the wastewater during each wash throughout their entire lifecycle. The environmental friendliness of Merino fleece is based on three factors: a high percentage of environmentally friendly materials, a long product lifespan, and minimal washing requirements. Merino fleece is 95% biodegradable. An additional 5% of elastane has been added to the material, significantly extending the product's lifespan.

merinofleece-northoutdoorMerino fleece is soft, lightweight, and breathable when made from merino wool.

The Best Thing About Merino Fleece

Merino fleece requires very little washing because merino wool is naturally antibacterial. It cleans itself in the fresh air, even removing sweat and smoke odors. If desired, merino fleece garments can be machine washed. The easiest and most environmentally friendly approach is to hang your clothing to air out after use. Clean merino fleece garments are ready for use in just a couple of hours.


What is Merino Fleece?

Merino fleece is a fluffy merino knit fabric with a soft, brushed inner surface. The outer side is smooth and stylish in appearance. The feel of the fabric against the skin is exceptionally soft and pleasant. Because the knit is airy, wearing a merino fleece garment feels lightweight. These new fleece products have harnessed all the other benefits of merino wool as well. The garments are temperature-regulating, breathable, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial.

merinofleece-northoutdoorThe world's most comfortable garments are now made from merino fleece! The Merino Fleece Sweater Hugo is suitable for year-round use.

Versatile Merino Fleece

Because merino fleece products regulate temperature, the garment is exceptionally warm in winter but cool in warm weather. Fleece is no longer just for warmth but much more. Unlike traditional polyester fleece, merino fleece products are perfect for year-round use. This new material is suitable for use in all products that were previously made from fleece or college fabric.

So, how do merino fleece products differ from other similar items made from different materials? The most significant difference is in the feel. Even though the material feels thicker, the garment is not heavy. The sensation against the skin is different from polyester fleece. No itching, no sweaty feeling, no chafing. Merino fleece also does not pill as easily in use compared to polyester fleece, which tends to form pilling balls more easily."


Soft and Comfortable

The best thing about these products is the premium quality that you can truly feel. Merino fleece garments are simultaneously comfortably relaxed, flexible, and stylishly structured. Their absolute advantage is that the merino fleece fabric maintains its shape and does not stretch or loosen during wear. North Outdoor's collection includes merino fleece products for both men and women. These garments are suitable for leisure, outdoor activities, and sports. The collection provides the perfect foundation for an active person's wardrobe year-round.