Open swimming is now really popular - Suvi Vuorimäki calls it an addiction

Avanto swimming and winter swimming in Finland are more popular than ever before. The number of hobbyists has increased exponentially. One of the hobbyists is Suvi Vuorimäki, who has been swimming in cold waters for years.

winter swimming-northoutdoorSuvi Vuorimäki holds on to her own irregular swimming rhythm and goes often in the opening. It is also a dream to be able to swim in the sea in the Norwegian fjords in late winter.

Hooked in cold water

Suvi Vuorimäki has always swam a lot in natural waters. He did not shy away from the cold. Six years ago, he was allowed to continue swimming outside after the summer. Summer was behind and the cold weather was replaced. It did not prevent Suvia from swimming. A new way was created: bathing in cold waters and openings.

“Since then, open -air swimming has also been a very common part of my life. I can't really consider swimming swimming as a hobby, but it's just something I find it necessary to do regularly. It seems to be more addiction, ”Suvi says.

Suvi uses every chance to swim all year round. When it comes to natural waters, Suvi is open to everything. However, the best thing is the opening. “I have swam in many different seas, lakes and where. In winter, the swimming moment is always special when you get to the right opening, a place where the water is icy. ”

Suvi Vuorimäki is a freezer who loves a frosty and snow. He lives in the Winters in Pyhätunturi, a municipality of Pelkosenniemi, and since the year, Suvi is in teleworking south. Everyday life is rhythmic by snowboarding, which is a big part of Suvi's life. He reaches the slope and Pyhä-Luosto National Park directly from his own home.

merino wool-northoutdoor
Suvi's domicile is ideal for swimming. Pyhäjärvi, located in St. Pyhä, freezes in early winter, and the ice will only melt around May. “In winter, the open -air experience is guaranteed to me. However, I am worried about how climate change also affects winters in northern Finland. ”

Suvi swims in cold waters from autumn several times a week. Sometimes you have to get into the water every day, sometimes a break can occur.

“I don't keep a record of visits, and I do not plan them in advance, but in the direction of the water when it feels and has a good time. There are quite a few accurate routines in my life, and I can't even put the openings on my calendar, ”says Suvi.

winter swimming-northoutdoorSuvi usually goes to the hole without a sauna. And if you go to the sauna, you also have to swim! Suvi feels that you can get used to winter swimming without a sauna. However, it is a good addition to those who benefit and enjoy the sauna during the opening.

Water is a well -being element

According to Suvi, the best thing about swimming is an addictive feeling that feels in the body and mind. Suvi does not consider being in cold water to be a great pleasure. Euphoria will only come after swimming.

“In the opening, it really is and focuses on breathing. Post -swimming enjoyment causes the water to burn over and over again and again. Avanto is an important place for myself because I can't think about anything else as I swim. The hectic world easily gets thoughts for rounds, but in the opening, all thoughts are forgotten and focuses solely on that moment. ”

Suvi has been swimming out a lot since childhood. It is also thanks to the family's sauna culture, where bathing played a key role in the cottage and grandma. They always went to the lake if it was not frozen. In the winter, an open could be made.

“We and my sisters have been able to swim as children in the summer, even though all day and sail on the Mummola lake on our own, unstable ferries. Water has always been a familiar element that produces good mood and feeling. ”

Winter Swim-Vanto-Northoutdoor

In the hole everything else is forgotten

Open swimming is known to reduce stress levels. I also saw SUVI. He often goes to the opening alone, but sometimes it is nice to make it a social event. After a hole with a friend, it is relaxed to forget about, for example, day wine. Winter swimming also has many other good effects in Suvi's life.

“Avanta swimming has a lot of health effects, and I believe it will also develop my resistance. I am very rarely flu or otherwise sore. ”

In addition to swimming, Suvi spends long days on the slope on snowboarding and free -off: “In the back terrain, I move with a Splitboard, which is divided into two ski skiing raises on the bottom of the skis. At the top of the fell, I assemble the skis back into a snowboard and lower. Days often include a lot of rising uphill over the fells, and the body may be under heavy load. Although I often get tired in the evening, I will always be happy to go to the hole as cold water helps the muscles recover and make possible muscle pain. ” 


The most important thing about dressing is practicality and warming

Dressing is an important part of Suvi's winter hobbies. In the fells, the weather may be anything and suddenly vary. Merino wool is used in winter frost.

“I invest in quality, breathable sportswear because they make everything doing much more comfortable outdoors. The reason for frostbite is usually just the wrong dress. Merino clothing is in tough, daily use, on open -air trips and other outdoor activities. Sometimes I might sit in the office with the finest my carser On foot, ”says Suvi.

Merino Keeps Suvi warm and dry also in frost and snow storms. Suvi appreciates that merino wool can clean by ventilation. The garment is also more long -lasting when it does not need to be washed so often. Suvi's clothes are heavily used and she only gets new ones for a real need. Suvi encourages everyone to think about their consumption choices. He is also in favor of repairing and recycling clothes.

“The most important thing for me North Outdoor -My clothes are that they are practical and keep me warm out in any weather. My rational favorites are all layers and wool socks. Ranni-knitwear Again, it is so wonderful that you would like to dress up every day at every occasion. It's great that Finland | nature collection Knitwear is made in Finland in Oulu Knitting. The place of manufacture is an important information for me when I make a purchase decision ”.

Avantouinti-Northoutdoor“If you have a sauna before the opening, it is worth remembering that you should not go straight to the opening from the sauna. First, the body must let it cool down a bit. The thermal difference between the sauna and the opening causes severe strain on the heart and the fluctuation of blood pressure can cause a sense of dizziness, ”Suvi recalls.

When you go to the opening, Suvi dresses the lowest in a couple of merino layers and on top of sporty clothes, as she likes to walk or cycle to the hole: “This is how my muscles are warm by the time and it is easier to go into the open. I will take one shirt, which I wear on after the opening. If you freeze after the opening, it is usually due to too little or wrong clothes, so you should plan your clothing in advance. Freezing is by no means a nice state of being, and I always try to avoid it, ”Suvi sums it up.

Also, the Hard Core swimmer won't go anywhere without a swimsuit. “I will never forget to pack my swimsuit with me. I'm not a very systematic packer, and often important things are left on the trip, but there is always a shingle - or even more - for sure, ”laughs Suvi.

Winter Avanto-NorthoutdoorSuvi is concerned about the winters of the north and the state of the earth. He believes that by speaking out loud and showing things, you can make the globe even a slightly better place for all groups of people and other living beings.

Recommendations for a novice swimmer

Starting winter swimming is easy and does not require major equipment purchases. Suvi recommends tactics for beginners, which continues to swim regularly after the summer.

“I saw the body Get used to the cold and cold water will not surprise you later in winter. ”

Suvi points out that it is important to keep your muscles warm before a dip in the open. Many also benefit from gloves and openings. Even the air can do well, and the slippers can be replaced, for example with merino wool socks.

“It is a good idea to walk or otherwise worry about the opener that at least not freezing by the time of the water. I have heard from friends that the open -air slippers and gloves make being in the water a lot more comfortable, and the wrists and ankles don't freeze, but I haven't remembered to get such luxury equipment myself. After all, wool socks are pulled to the foot to prevent the soles of the foot until I even get in the water. A long bathrobe is easy to pull on when you get up from the hole ”.

winter swimming-northoutdoorSuvi, who enjoys cold waters, hopes that he will have a sauna and hole club founded in the Holy Winter, even a few times.