The new gorgeous North Outdoor Brand Store has now been opened!

North Outdoor Brand Store has opened its doors in the Helsinki Market Quarters. The brick -and -mortar store enables a lot of the desired products to hypnotize and fit live. In the store, customers are served by professional staff who knows everything about Merino wool.

North outdoor store

You asked, we implemented

North Outdoor is one of the most desirable things among North Outdoor customers. Many hopes to be able to fit clothes when they think about two sizes. It is also wonderful to see the materials yourself and try how the garment feels. This is particularly emphasized in merino wool clothing. Although the awareness of the material is increasing all the time, many are still surprised by how the material bends from winter products to summer clothes and thick to thin knitwear.

“Our customers want to see the colors in nature. It is also important for more and more to get the right sizes from the clothes without having to return extra products to the online store, ”says Karoliina Borodavkin, North Outdoor's Brand Manager.

North-outdoor Stone Shop

Welcome to the market squares

The new store is located in downtown Helsinki at Katarinankatu 4. The lovely marketplace area is comfortable and full of attractive small shops. The location of the old and cozy atmosphere was perfect for North Outdoor. Large windows on two sides give you a distinctive look. The atmosphere in the store is friendly and unhurried. Everyone is guaranteed to get a professional and personalized service. During the shopping, you can take a coffee for a boulevard or wonder about the hustle and bustle of the Market Square.

“In the past, our widespread selection of clothes could only be adapted at events. We had a long break from the events at Pandemia. During that time, the idea of ​​my own brand shop was confirmed. We wanted to respond to the numerous wishes of our customers and open up a shop where you can explore the products. At the same time, we have the opportunity to share information about the orthodox maintenance of Merinovilla. When properly maintained, merino clothing is really long -lasting, ”continues Borodavkin.

North outdoor store

North Outdoor everything has merino wool

The new Brand Store always has a wide selection of seasonal North Outdoor products. "We strive to bring as many different product groups and colors as possible for women and men."

“Our customers in MerinoVilla are particularly appreciated by functionality and year -round use. The products of our Oulu knitwear are always of interest, and we often have interesting discussions about our production, ”concludes Borodavkin and welcomes everyone to the new store.

North outdoor store

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North Outdoor Brand Store