Photographer Eeva Mäkinen described the view of Kilpisjärvi for the Nature collection

North Outdoor's popular Nature collection Keeps casual leisure knitwear and accessories. The collection made in Finland is inspired by the nature of the Nordic countries. Well -known nature photographer Eeva Mäkinen captured a spectacular northern landscape for packages. In the article, check out Nature's new look.


The capturing the perfect picture is a magical moment

The Nature collection photo captured on Kilpisjärvi on Kilpisjärvi in ​​Anana is a personal photographer in many ways: “The picture is taken on Saana Slope on Kilpisjärvi on my 30th birthday trip. My mother in your favorite landscape. ”

By the time of the shooting, Mäkinen had long been a photographer. The moment and the trip itself were relevant to the photographer but also to the development.

“This was one of the trips where I felt in some way I was finally shooting at the point I wanted. Sure, photography is a life -long journey, but I feel that there are levels in some way that remember in the arc of development. ”

The picture of the Nature collection has a complete quiet and stagnant atmosphere. The view is breathtaking. Because of such moments, Mäkinen describes.

"The magical moment that the photographer had succeeded in capturing a picture of me at a very young age," says Mäkinen.

Nature Package-Northoutdoor

Eeva Mäkinen is inspired by the weather fluctuations and the change in circumstances

As a little girl, Eeva Mäkinen admired the wonderful bird photos at Liminga Nature Center: “They fascinated me. All colors, simplicity and fragility of images ”.

Mäkinen did not plan to become a photographer. Instead, it all started with the hobby when Mäkinen got a camera for his trips. “I never imagined I would become a professional photographer. Especially as a nature photographer, and I still am not entirely, ”says Mäkinen from his early stages.

The decision to start the industry was not simple for Mäkinen. “I've been shooting for over 12 years. Winning uncertainties and fears has been a big part of the process. And the fact that you even dare to show your pictures to anyone. This is how the male -winning field is excited, but fortunately I dared and got confidence to do this for my job. ”

Eeva Mäkinen is a long -time partner of North Outdoor. Much of the mood photographed in the north of the brand is just the handwriting of Mäkinen. “There are a lot of work gigs that depict more people in nature than just nature,” says Mäkinen.

In nature photography, Mäkinen is inspired by being in nature and learning from nature, as well as constant variation in weather and changing conditions. Preferably Mäkinen describes his home. He feels that there is more room for creativity in a familiar environment.

“Often I dream that it would be more time to photograph the current homeland, because those pictures usually have a strong emotional bond and story. I have recently made exceptions to my normal shooting plan and have gave me more goals to replace the trips just here near the home. The best thing about shooting a home is when you can really be there when the right conditions are up, ”says Mäkinen about his situation.

The preferred shooting time is the fold of summer and autumn. What is the best in August then? “The deep green shades and misty mornings in late summer. It seems that nature will stop for a moment before the leaves begin to change their color and nature is preparing for the fall, ”says Mäkinen. "I like to describe details and old natural forests every season."

Eeva-Mäkinen-NorthoutdoorNorth Outdoor's collection images are handmade by Finland's leading nature photographers. The Nature collection was photographed by Eeva Mäkinen. Discover Eve's pictures On Instagram, where he has a staggering 127 thousand followers.Photo: Harri Tarvainen

Nature makes life better

The cornerstone of the Nature collection is 100% Merino wool made in Finland knitwear. The collection is complemented by a wide selection of accessories and wool socks. And what would be nicer than to immerse in a thick merino wool knit? Nature knitwear that achieved a great popularity is available in many different models and colors. The design listens to the wishes and opinions of North Outdoor customers with an accurate ear. The collection respects the nature of the north. All Nature products have a name that is inspired by nature and beautiful Finnish.

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