Sara Vanninen loves old buildings - Lux collection was born in Helsinki

Sara Vanninen captures a magnificent cityscape for the Lux Merino wool collection, consisting of timeless and stylish clothes. Long -lived Lux Suitable for everyday life and celebration. In the article, check out the new look of the collection.


Lux image was born of love for cityscape

Photographer Sara Vanninen finds beauty everywhere. A good picture is created when you keep your mind open for wonderful things every season. The sunny model image was born during the darkest time of the year.

“You might not believe, but this picture was taken in downtown Helsinki at the darkest time of the year. I follow a lot of weather reports because of my work, as the descriptions have to be scheduled for the sunny weather. One of the best things about my work is that I can enjoy such a rare delicacy: sunshine in the middle of November, ”describes Sara Lux's day of shooting.

Sara says that old buildings with their magnificent details are his weak spot. He could admire them indefinitely. Shooting takes Sara a lot out. There is more than just good pictures.

"Maybe outdoor activities on weekdays in good weather is the reason why the annual darkness does not hardly distress me."


In photography, Sara's stories and moments inspire: “From a young age, I have interpreted the world through, among other things, color combinations, lights and shadows. I stop to admire the beautiful things, even without the camera's lens, ”Sara says.

Sara was interested in photography in high school. He calls the desire for curiosity and tremendous learning as the best teachers that have helped to develop their skills over the years.

"Lots of repetitions, because that style has slowly been found!", Sara sums up.

The cityscape is one of Sara's favorite. In addition to buildings, Sara describes everything from editorials and interior photos to food and nature images.

"I never actually compartmentalize myself, not even in the field of photography!".

Finland's diverse sites are also inspired by Sara. However, one is above the others: “Black feels like I'm at my best to find a little bit of beauty everywhere. Last summer, small cities on the west coast of Finland were collapsed, and how spectacular places were there! But if one had to raise then I have a special emotional bond to my birthplace in Saimaa. ”

Sara-Vanninen-NorthoutdoorSara Vanninen has written the popular Sara Tickle blog for years. You can also see Sara's pictures on her Instagram account.

Finland | lux - timeless merino wool collection

Lux is a modern merino wool collection whose clothes are suitable for everyday life and for festive use. Lux clothing is made of 100% Kampamerinovilla. Beautiful classic cuts ensure that clothes are easy to combine and are stylish from one season to another.


The core idea of ​​the collection is the adaptability. With a few clothes you can create more nice outfits that are easy to stylish in different situations. Timelessness and versatility come from ecological fashion.Well -designed clothes stay in fashion for a long time. Lux clothing is made of ethically produced Mulesing-free merino wool.

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