Did your knitting hole come? Read 5 + 1 tips for successful maintenance and patching

Merino wool has a stunning raw material and one of the most powerful materials of our time. However, as natural fiber, merino knit lives and the marine yarn is weaker than synthetic fibers. As a result, the wool yarn may break over time to form a hole in the knit. Read our article simple instructions for repairing a hole in the knit!

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Extend your favorite knit life cycle

Merino wool fibers are long, elastic and thin. The cause of the marine yarn is often caused by rubbing or exposure to heavy consumption. However, the formation of the hole does not mean that the knit has come to an end. By patching the hole, the most beloved merino knit can get several additional years of use, and the garment that has been repaired with your own hands is even more valuable. At the same time, patching is also a responsibility act - by repairing a broken garment, we can already reduce the huge amount of textiles

This is how you patch your knitwear by looping


1. You can use either single or double yarn for looping. When using a simple yarn, it is a good idea to do it twice. This allows you to ensure a neat work and at the same time the durability of the place.


2. It is advisable to start the knit on the wrong side so that the starting wire remains on the edge layers of the right loops. After that, we move to the right side of the work. The goal is to start mimicizing the work with knit loops. Note that you do not tighten the yarn too much.



3. Start working from the lower right corner of the hole. The most important part of parsing is to get the open loops closed so that the knit will not be unloaded any more.


4. Picking the loops aims to take into account the wiring of the thread according to the original knitting surface.


5. Once the loops are reproduced and the hole is closed, the knit is moved to the wrong side. The work is deduced to the edge layers of the right loops.

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6. You can hardly notice the patch done with the help of a loop - with the original knitting surface, the hole can be harvested neatly and unobtrusive.

Why is the knit perforated? The most common causes of a merino knit in a decay

Wrong detergent or temperature

We recommend wool cleaning for wool clothes. Its pH is below 7, which is likely to be more sensitive to natural fiber. Ordinary alkaline (alkaline, pH above 7) detergents fragile wool fibers. Fragile of wool fiber often leads to knit perforation. Also, the fabric softener should not be used as the substance is easily accumulated on the surface and knit of the natural fiber, weakening the breathability of the wool.

Rupture in the context of washing

Woolen clothes should be washed by hand or in the machine in the wash bag to prevent them from sticking to the buttons/zippers of other clothing and torn.

Abrasion of the headwear

100% merino wool knit is more sensitive than artificial fiber textiles. If there are pockets or sewn signs on the inside of the jacket or shirt, their edges may rub the merino knit and hole knit.


Wardrobes are unobtrusive and can live in new apartments. The larvae of clothing use natural fibers for food and cause holes in wool clothes, especially during (summer) during storage, or in situations where knitwear is not actively used. Wool clothes should be kept clean and in a space that cannot be accessed.

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Renew the old by patches

Parsing and patching have been selected as the 2021 Handicraft Technology (Skill Federation, 2020). We also want to encourage the lifetime of clothing and sustainable development at North Outdoor. In the North Outdoor online store you will now find location yarns to help you repair and renew your North Outdoor merino knit. Place yarns are delivered to the customer free of charge.