Commute biking - how to dress smartly!

Commuting cycling increases fitness, saves nature and stimulates the mind. Jump into the saddle in the right equipment and make a business trip even more comfortable. In North Outdoor's merino wool clothes, you cycle nicely without grinding all year round.

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Don't frost - dress with merino wool

In Finland, you can commute for months in a cool or even chilling weather a year. If the equipment is not in order, you will soon notice how cold you get the knuckles, the wind will hate the cheeks red and the result is full -body cold when you get to work. When the rainy season begins, the journey to work seems at its worst an eternal Avantoutinn.

The quarter of endless darkness and wetness from October to the end of the year is the most challenging phase in cycling. The cycling must be water retention, breathable, warming, elastic and reflective. The best outfit is one that can be adjusted according to the weather of the day and, if necessary, even in the middle of a bike. The cyclist must also be prepared for surprises. It is not nice to freeze your fingers in the bump when the chains drip or rubber burst.


Merino wool decide on many clothing puzzles throughout the year. In winter, the unbeatable benefits of merino wool are its maximum heating, breathability, moisture transfer and antibacteriality. Whatever the sweaty trip, you always feel good, because merino wool also feels warm when wet. Merino wool Against the skin, moisture is effectively removed from the skin, evaporating it into the air.

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Layering is a trumpet in commuting cycling

There is also an advantage of layers. The more heat, the more layers, because the air packed between the layers increases the amount of heat. Underfloor Under the shell or cycling clothing, it is already heating effectively. In the frost will be added intermediate On top of the undercoat. There are plenty of adjustable adjustment in two layers. The floors can be used separately and together. Sometimes an extra heat is enough jersey shirt, sometimes the whole outfit is needed. Try, for example, a super -soft North Outdoor Sensitive-The And more densely Arctic—The. Arctic-The space on the interior of the collection can also be worn as such if one thicker one is hoped for. It increases the number of variations comfortably.

Commuting requires a lot of mobility and flexibility. The benefit of merino layers is their lightness, thin knit and flexibility. Even if there are two times and shell outfit, the feeling is still relaxed and pleasant. Feeling with a perfectly elastic knit is never a stupid. Also pay attention to the choice of shell outfit. Set in a rain -like jacket with long enough sleeves, a longer hem and plenty of room for mobility at the shoulders. Under the suitable size of the shell, there are two merino bodies and, if necessary, an additional heat, such as 100% merino wool knit. In addition to the shell outfit, it is good to have cycling pants or shorts and winter biking pants. The top clothing should pay attention to safety and the sufficient number of reflectors. Get either reflective shell clothes or add the reflectors separately.

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Socks and accessories from merino wool

In addition to their fingers, the toes are freezing in the first danger zone as the degrees fall into zero. Merino wool socks and socks layering ensure heat in a place where the peripheral blood circulation is the weakest. There are many different different types of North Outdoor's range sock with different thickness and stem size. Socks can be worn all year round. In cool weather, they bring more heat, and in the heat, the socks are comfortably cool and breathable. In degrees drops, you can move into thicker socks Or use two socks on top of each other. The storage of air and heat between layers works in the same way as the one.

An absolute advantage in merino wool socks is antibacteriality. Socks never smell of sweat. Amazingly, they are not forced to wash them after every use. Merino wool socks are also refreshed by ventilating. Socks can be washed in machine washing if desired.

More warmth for commuting, you can get, with merino wool beanie, on one's gloves and with tube scarf. Also helmet hat There is a good purchase. North Outdoor has a large selection of different accessories. There are also many nice color options.

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Facilitate everyday with merino wool clothing

What is antibacterial? It means the peculiar ability of merino wool to cleanse itself in fresh air. Ventilation takes even the most severe odors. If desired, you can wash the strates, socks, shirts and pants on the machine. Since you do not have to wash your clothes after each use, everyday life is greatly facilitated. With the same clothes you can safely cycle for at least a week or two without washing. It saves a huge amount of time, nature and purse because not so much changing clothes are needed. It is enough to invest at least in the vessel and intermediate layers, socks, beanies, fingers, tube scarf and extra heat that may be as well knitwear or hoodie.


North Outdoor is an outdoor friend's best friend! According to our customer survey, 90% of our customers are ready to recommend our products to their friends.

Also try in the summer

Merino wool is for year -round use. This is made possible by the effect of merino wool body temperature. That's why merino wool clothing feels comfortably cool for the summer. Merino wool is also naturally breathable, which is why it is never to be grinding. Even if the name of the job is a record time from home to work, merino wool clothing dries extremely quickly during the working day. You don't have to wash your clothes even after a sweat trip. Because antibacteriality ensures that the clothes do not smell the sweat, the same set can also be put on for a trip home. Still, the feeling is quite fresh.

Due to the long and flexible structure of the merino wool, it can be made with very thin knitwear. Check out North Outdoor's summer clothes. There is a lot of different pleasantly thin selection t-shirts, top and shorts

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