Best merino sweaters for autumn outdoor activities

The best merino wool sweaters are made in Finland at North Outdoor's own knitting mill in Oulu! The sweater collection offers several well-fitting knits that are perfect for outdoor activities. Common features of these sweaters include flexibility, breathability, and warmth. All sweaters are made of 100% merino wool, and the products are manufactured in Finland. Special attention has been paid to the fit and mobility of the knits. A good outdoor sweater fits comfortably under a shell jacket, and you won't feel uncomfortable while moving. Explore the top 5 outdoor sweaters and choose your favorite for autumn hikes!

1. Aurora - Sporty Merino Sweater for Year-Round Use

Aurora is a premium merino sweater made from soft and flexible merino wool, making it exceptionally comfortable to wear during outdoor activities. This high-quality sweater is durable and can withstand machine washing. Aurora provides warmth with its medium-weight knit, and it fits well under a shell jacket. You can easily layer additional insulation over it if needed. Thanks to its heat-regulating properties, the lightweight Aurora is the perfect year-round sweater.


2. Hehku - Plush Merino Sweater for Men

How about an ultra-warm and plush merino wool sweater? Hehku is one of North Outdoor's latest merino knits. Excellent fit, thick and flexible knitting make Hehku irresistible. The thick sweater provides warmth even in severe cold. If you're looking for an exceptionally warm outfit, pair Hehku with merino base layers. All you need on top is a shell suit. Hehku is the warmest of the bunch.

hehku merinosweater

3. Kuulas - Soft and Warm Sweater with a Turtleneck

Stylishly ready for outdoor adventures! Kuulas is a merino wool sweater made from a relatively slim-fitting merino sweater. With 100% merino wool, this sweater ensures that it's warm, breathable, and effectively wicks moisture. This lightweight sweater fits comfortably under a shell jacket and is easy to carry in your backpack. It features a cozy turtleneck that protects your neck and neck from the cold and wind.


4. Viima - Stylish and Versatile Outdoor Sweater

A choice for the quality-conscious! Viima is the merino wool sweater for active individuals, suitable for both brisk outdoor activities and as an extra layer for winter sports. The sweater is made from exceptionally high-quality merino wool, making it luxuriously soft. What sets Viima apart is its elegantly simple design that fits perfectly with your outdoor attire.

merinovillapaita ulkoiluun