The sweater is now made of merino wool

North Outdoor's merino wool sweaters made in Finland are 100% merino wool.

Sweaters are a perennial favorite among Finns. Nowadays, sweaters are expected to deliver more than just warmth. It's no longer sufficient for a garment to be cozy - People want stylish designs for different needs, a wide range of color options, and sweaters of various thicknesses. At North Outdoor, all our sweaters are crafted from 100% merino wool. So, what makes a merino wool sweater so special? It's made from a material that's naturally warm and soft, and it won't irritate your skin. Merino wool sweaters breathe and efficiently retain heat, making them the perfect choice for varying weather conditions. Whether you're facing the city's chill, embarking on an autumn forest excursion, or going on a winter skiing trip, a merino wool sweater will keep you comfortably warm.

northoutdoor-merinovillapaita-kuohuKuohu is an all time favorite among North Outdoor's customers!

A sweater for all season! 

There's a difference between wools and sheep. The bearer of the world's softest wool is the Merino sheep. Thanks to this, a wool sweater has gained numerous new features that make it more comfortable to wear.

The Merino sheep lives in exceptional weather conditions, which is why its wool differs from that of other sheep. Over time, the Merino sheep has evolved to thrive in both heat and cold. The Merino sheep's wool functions on its wearer much like a Merino wool sweater on a person – it regulates temperature. That's why a sweater is especially warm in winter but cooler in summer. That's why thick wool sweaters for winter and pleasantly thin knits for summer can be made from Merino wool.

merinovillapaita-ulkoiluun_northoutdoorBreathable and comfortable merino knitwear is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.

A merino sweater is pleasantly light weight

The specialty of merino wool is its lightweight nature. This is why a Merino wool sweater feels breathable and airy when worn. Thanks to these qualities, a Merino wool sweater is a perfect choice for outdoor activities and summer wear.

Merino wool is rightfully known as nature's own technical fiber. In addition to its temperature-regulating properties, Merino wool efficiently wicks moisture away from the skin, is antibacterial, biodegradable, and exceptionally soft. This is why Merino wool creates the world's best wool sweater.

halla-merinovillapaita-northoutdoorThe Halla with a turtleneck collar immediately gained great popularity when the lightweight Merino wool sweater was released.

North Outdoor's wool sweaters are produced in Finland at the company's own knitting mill in Oulu. A wide range of designs and color options ensures that there's something for everyone. In the Merino wool sweater collection, you can find earthy tones as well as vibrant seasonal colors. Color choices are carefully considered, with close attention to customer preferences, which are plentiful when it comes to Merino wool sweaters.

miesten merinovillapaitaNorth Outdoor offers Merino knits for every taste and purpose.

Popular sweaters 

North Outdoor's all-time favorite is Halla. The turtleneck merino wool sweater has its own version for both women and men. Kuohu has also found its way into the hearts of our customers. Among the newcomers, Kide has quickly gained great popularity.


Merino sweater - Care instructions

The most important care procedure for a Merino wool sweater is airing. Merino wool is naturally antibacterial and cleans itself in fresh air. Airing also removes even sweat and smoke odors. The material naturally repels dirt.

Wash the sweater as infrequently as possible and only when it appears to need washing. Wash the sweater by hand with wool detergent. After rinsing, gently squeeze out the excess water from the sweater. You can also roll a thicker knit into a terry cloth towel. Always prefer flat drying for the wool sweater. Shape the sweater into its original form and avoid stretching it too much.

You don't always have to wash the entire sweater. Small stains and discolorations are best washed by hand as soon as they occur. Slight pilling is typical for a new wool sweater. Use a lint comb to remove it, for example. This characteristic evens out over time, and pilling won't occur as much as in the beginning.

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