The canoeing took me on - read the wilderness guide Noora Peter's soaring experiences

Canoeing is the center of life of Noora Peter's life, which has carried an experienced canoeing and unprofessional around the world. Noora, who has struggled from the small village of Sirka, now lives in her dream of canoeing on the Svalbard and Antarctic. See what 26-year-old Noora's everyday life looks like with her polar bears with a well-known Svalbard. What about crossing the stormy Drakensalmi? Pull the MerinoPipo tightly on the head, as it is known to be a cold ride as the adventurer-noora takes us to the Svalbard, and from there to Antarctic's wind and tuft!

Noora-Peteri-Batch-NorthoutdoorNoora Peter is an experienced canoeing and wilderness guide.

The work of a canoeing and wilderness guide is a vocation profession

Last summer, Noora Peter trained as a merry guide, which opened the doors for new job opportunities. The early 2022 went smoothly by sailing between the Chilean Punta Arenas and the Antarctic Peninsula on a 10 -day cruises that Noora served as a marine guide on clients' sea tours. In the past, Noora has thrown winters on sled safaris in the Svalbard and summers for canoeing and hiking trips.

Despite her young age, Noora has a solid experience in moving around in nature. Noora from the village of Sirkka is a northern girl, a real child of winter. From a very young age, he enjoyed the environment, exploring the environment. The summers were cycling in the villages and the winters were always slipped down whenever possible. The ski slipped with young Noora so well that he was pushing for alpine skiing at the racing level until the end of the junior high.

Being out and working was a natural choice for Noora from a young age.“One might think that after 10 years of toes on the eternal slope, at some point they would come against the border and would like to get somewhere warm. In recent years, there have sometimes been moments to think about whether you should go somewhere warm sometimes. But for myself winter and layer It's just so natural and I enjoy it! I enjoy being able to put layers! ”Says Noora, who loves her work on the canoeing and the wilderness guide.


Before canoeing, Noora served as a wilderness guide for seven years in Lapland. After a few years after a few years of sled safari, Noora, who thirsted for challenges, had a feeling that it was time to move towards new adventures. The desire to develop as a wilderness guide drove forward. After the job applications sent around the world, Noora was waiting for a completely new adventure in the Better Moments' popular Better Moments.

“I still remember how I wrote them an email before going to work. I pressed the 'transmission' and went to work. After a couple of hours, I noticed that they had already received the answer. They asked if the interview would fit right away. It was talked about on the phone for a moment and it was agreed that in two months I would start work, ”Noora repeatedly an exciting moment.

"I have used merely Merino boats The last 7 years of summer winters. I think it's the best thing you get with money. "

“I think the world needs positivity and care for others. Sometimes some loved ones say they don't always have to be helping and rescuing others. But I would like more to the world for more care. That they would be treated, as they would like to treat ourselves. Whatever the situation. ”

canoeing-south manner-northoutdoor

Svalbard - island of polar bears

Life in the Svalbard is unique and different. The island has a varied history because it was "no one country" for a long time. Although the Svalbard has been a belonging to Norway for the last 100 years, there have been many whaling and mining triggers on the island from other countries.

Of course, the biggest, special and hairy factor, which separates the Svalbard from other places, is, of course, the button -eyed symbols of Arctic nature, polar bears. Due to these northern kings up to 600 kilos, Noora will never leave the settlement without the relevant safety equipment, ie a warning pistol and rifle.

Svalbard is said to live more polar bears than people. Unlike the saying, it is not common to collide with polar bears, although it is possible. Therefore, safety equipment must always be at hand. Noora knows that on average, at least one or two polar bears are shot on average due to the human conflict.

Like Noora, the main village of the Svalbard, Longyearbyen, is a home for about 2,500 people. About half of the inhabitants of a very international village are Norwegian. In addition, over 50 representatives of nationality can be encountered in the village. "In English, Longyearbyen is doing well," says Noora.

Training as a merimony guide has opened new doors to Noora in the field of work.


Canoeing challenges, teaches and broaden

Noora does a lot, but the most important thing is canoeing where she can challenge himself. Noora also believes that canoeing will still open new doors for him. Many other Noora hobbies are water -focused: swimming, swimming in the indoor hall, canoeing and being at sea are the center of Noora's life. Also, a large part of the working time goes by sea.

The water itself as an element is fascinated by Noora, and you would not believe she was afraid before the water. “This is where we will probably come back to that character in me. Challenging myself is important, ”says Noora.

Although the work of a canoeing and the wilderness guide sometimes almost takes about a hobby, Noora also has time for her own work. In his spare time, Noora enjoys long hikes and hiking alone. His longest hiking alone was over 150 kilometers in Lapland, which took a week. The slopes and snowboard have also invited Noora last winter. When you have to reset your thoughts, you like Noora to go to the yoga mat, go to the gym or jump into the open.

Although blood and work are driven to the world, there are many things in Finland that Noora misses during her trips. In addition to those who are waiting at home, there is also a Finnish sauna.

Toward Antarctica

Noora's latest washing was directed at Antarctica in early 2022. It wasn't quite simple to start a mercy guide. Life and traveling have changed a lot due to a pandemic that has been in power for a couple of years. It has complicated Noora's life as a moment's temporary customer roof as well as in the form of massive paperwork on the way to the Antarctic. Noora always has a folder with papers that have helped to prepare for everything possible and impossible.

Packaging on Antarctica is also demanding. You can't pack too much because there is a very limited space, but you can't get anything on the spot anymore. "When you step on a ship flying to Antarctica, you are there until the beginning of March," Noora sums up.

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Noora's solution to packaging is merino: “I've used mere merino ship coers for the last 7 years of summer winters. I think it's the best thing you get with money. "

Merino wool is perfect for canoeing. Merino wool They are pleasant against the skin and keep the clothes warm even if they get wet. Antibacteriality allows merino wool clothing to be refreshed by rapidly ventilating, so the need for washing is low. Even longer hikes can do great with two merino wools: the second one is working as an additional layer, if the cold strikes or if the other stroke gets wet. In addition, merino wool is a nice material as a material.

“North outdoor merino clothing has been used daily. Also on Antarctica, I mainly packed North Outdoor's merino clothing because they are versatile. ”

Noora's credit outfit is North Outdoor Intense Pro college pants and t -shirt and thin merino wool socks and Thick merino wool socks. The outfit also worked perfectly during the many days trip towards the Antarctic. It was sometimes hot and sometimes cold, but merino clothing works great in both. Sometimes things went running and sweating, but the cold has not come even if the back had got a little getting wet.

“Clothes may initially be a bit bold because merino The material is flexible and gives a little to give up. ”

Nooran North Outdoor favorites are also Merino wool boxer of the artic collectionT whose fit and length are perfect for Noora. In cold weather is in use beanie and a versatile plush tube scarf.

penguins-northoutdoorCourageous, penguins around are entertaining companions.

A trip worthy

The beginning of January was hectic for Noora. Four days of travel: five flights, three coronary tests and one flight and a day waiting at Miami Airport.

After the trip, Noora spent a 10 -day quarantine hotel at Punta Arenas in Chile.

Noora took advantage of the quarantine time studying Antarctic history and local birds and animals until the day of departure came and it was time to jump on the ship. The direction was the crossing of Drakensalmi, which lasted two stormy days. The Antarctic glacials and new exciting adventures were waiting for the arrival.

Noora has been memorable for the canoeing guide on Antarctica. There was plenty to see. I especially remembered the cute penguin. Most of the penguins' chicks were already so big that they did well without their parents on the continent. It was only up to the parents to take care of the food side. In just a couple of weeks, the chicks would already be on their own.

The weather in Antarctica is quite varied. Already during the first cruise, there was wind, snow and rain, but also the warmest day of the whole summer. Because the canoeing program is a very weather -sensitive sport and customers may not have had much canoeing experience, the water has only gone during good weather conditions. Noora was also able to take part in the mainland side of the penguins. In addition to entertaining penguins, the hikers met a few humpback whales, two of whom happened to swim very close to the canoeing team.

Noora did well with her North Outdoor merino wool clothes: “Merino clothing is versatile and convenient that they don't have to be washing constantly. Just ventilation is enough and nature is thankful ”.

In the future, Noora hopes for a few more adventures at work. “Work on Antarctica was a dream come true. Antarctic is one of the most amazing destinations and I feel privileged to get to work there. ”

Noora plans to return to the Svalbard for canoeing and sled. Noora has many ideas for the future, but time tells you where the road takes you. "Let's live this moment, try to be present, dare," Noora Peter summarizes.

canoeing-south manner-northoutdoorThe dream of a stress -free winter could stay when glaciers, whales, penguins and new experiences invited 1.5 months to work on the Antarctic.