What is the perfect merino knit?

"A high-quality merino knit is always soft and exceptionally comfortable to wear. North Outdoor's Merino knits, which are made in Finland, are of high quality, responsibly manufactured, and, when well taken care of, long-lasting. In North Outdoor's extensive collection, you can find a wide range of knit patterns in various colors.

northoutdoor_merinovilapaitaThe stunning Kiilo is an oversized Merino knit

A Merino knit is a choice for those who value quality

A 100% Merino knit is the choice of those who value quality. The best thing about Merino knits is their versatility. Because Merino wool regulates temperatures, Merino wool sweaters can be worn year-round. The material feels cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. North Outdoor knits are elegantly simple, which is why they are equally suitable for everyday wear and outdoor activities.


Domestic quality from our own knitting mill

North Outdoor's pride lies in its own sweater knitting mill in Oulu, where all of the brand's Merino knits and sweaters are produced. The products from the knitting mill are made under the same roof, from design to packaging.

The knitwear collection is extensive and continually growing. Every knit, detail, and purpose is designed in Finland, tailored for the varying conditions of the North. The versatile range includes several different thicknesses of Merino knits. The color selection is also wide. Customer feedback is taken into consideration in product development. Many shades and designs draw inspiration from North Outdoor's active customers.


A Merino knit is suitable for many purposes

A Merino knit is a true modern sweater. You can stylishly wear a Merino knit to work or around the city. Equally, it's perfect for casual lounging at home or an active outdoor adventure. Our collection offers various Merino knits and sweaters with looser or more fitted designs. The lightweight and comfortable knit is an excellent choice whenever you need a bit of warmth. Breathable Merino wool regulates body temperature, ensuring comfort at all times. Thanks to this feature, the knits are suitable for year-round use.

miesten merinovillapaidatYou can find men's Merino knits here.

A Merino knit is just the perfect choice for these:

  • City and everyday wear
  • Casual lounging at home
  • Outdoor activities and hiking
  • Extra warmth for cooling down
  • Breaks during winter sports
  • Horseback riding and stable work
  • Dog sports
  • Orienteering
  • Outdoor activities with children and cold sports events


    Merino Knit - Proper Care

    The most important care procedure for Merino knits is airing. Merino wool requires washing very infrequently because its antibacterial wool fibers naturally repel dirt. Small stains and discolorations should be washed by hand as soon as they occur. If the garment appears to need washing, you can wash the entire knit by hand with wool detergent. Gently squeeze out the excess water from the wet garment. You can also roll a thicker knit into a terry cloth towel. Always opt for flat drying. Be cautious not to stretch the Merino knit. Wool garments can be lightly steamed from the inside through a damp cloth when needed. A new knit may pill slightly, and using a lint comb can help with this. This characteristic evens out over time, and pilling won't occur as much as in the beginning.

    täydellinen merinoneule

    North Outdoor's Merino knits are produced in Finland at North Outdoor's own knitting mill in Oulu. A versatile Merino knit is suitable for every season.