Harri Tarvainen captured the Utuinen Koli National Landscape Sensitive-into a collection package

Sensitive-vintage is designed for very sensitive skin. The products are also suitable for those who are usually itching. What would describe the collection better than a hazy and soft view from the top of Koli? Harri Tarvainen was taken by the stopping picture of the collection. In the article, check out the new look of the collection.


Sensitive-In the possibility of capturing the image was up to the hours

Harri Tarvainen's pictures are often created in moments where you can challenge yourself. Hunting for stunning scenery is familiar to Tarvainen: "I like challenging myself, in the best descriptions you can wake up from the tent and sweat as the fell climbs."

Also Sensitive-The image of the collection required a climbing contract. An exciting shooting trip was made by a short time window that could not be estimated in advance.

“We climbed to Ukko-Koli before sunrise to capture the morning light and cannon trees. A few hours after filming, the temperature rose to the plus side, and the breeze of the breeze dropped the cannon from the trees. By the evening, almost all the cannon was on its way. If we had been on the move a few hours later, the next opportunity to photograph the cannon trees would have only been the next year, ”says Tarvainen of a memorable moment.

SensitiveThe Koli national landscape immortalized on the cover of the package has always been fascinated. “The picture shows one of the most classic Finnish landscapes. A view that has inspired Finnish artists even when the identity of Finnishness has just been built, ”says Tarvainen of the picture.

Harri-Tarvainen-NorthoutdoorNorth Outdoor's collection images are handmade by Finland's leading nature photographers. Sensitive-In the collection photo Harri Tarvainen.

Inspiration can be found in surprising places

Harri Tarvainen, a photography hobby, started with snowboarding and skateboarding. Shooting is a natural part of the culture of species. The camera has also become a tool over time. Tarvainen is still happy to describe people as part of the environment.

“I remember when I saw my first published picture in a Finnish snowboarding magazine and thought I'd like to do this for my profession. Although the description of the board is only a small part of my current job, I can still photograph people outdoors with different activities. ”

Most of his pictures Tarvainen takes in nature. The camera also goes with her free time. “I also like shooting alone or with my dog. Then I am not at work, but the camera acts as a note and as a kind of interpreter. As a photographer, the border between work and hobby is blurred, and inspiration can be found in surprising places, ”says Tarvainen. Tarvainen pays much attention to the details in nature: “Perhaps the most fascinating thing about nature photography is that the camera acts as a kind of amplifier between nature and man. When traveling with the camera, a person is automatically more open and curious and pay attention to the small details of nature that would be completely overlooked without the camera. ”

Seasonal folds provide a lot of inspiration. “When the summer folds into the fall and autumn in the winter, the breakthrough and the small details of nature are visible. One could say that there are exceptional pictures in exceptional circumstances, ”says Tarvainen.


Instead of new photography logging, Tarvainen prefers to visit the same destinations at different times of the year and day. He describes in particular near his Oulu home and Kuusamo cabin.

"In the northeastern country, the diversity of nature and the environment is fascinated, while in Oulu, the frozen sea and long shallow sandy beaches with reflections."

The abundant walking in the nature of the northern nature and on the coast of Oulu has also made Tarvainen think about the current state of nature.

“The images and moments related to these places have raised the future of cold winters and the state of old forests and their inhabitants,” Tarvainen says.

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