Yoga brought Tiina Väinölä's gentleness to her own body

Yoga is Tiina Väinölä's lifestyle at work and on leave. Yoga training has taken Tiina to great destinations and brought new friends to life. There were pain conditions behind excessive exercise, and it has been replaced by better body knowledge, increasing mobility and, above all, a deep fire towards yoga.

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Tiina always strives to live in an instant and believes that life carries. As an enthusiastic, he gets joy in small things in the middle of everyday life. In the face of the challenges, Tiina always trusts that things will work out.

Yoga took me on

Tiina Väinölä has been yoga for 8 years. The journey has been intense, as during those years, the hobby has also become a profession for Tiina. “I started practicing yoga to counterbalance other exercise and busy work. In yoga, I learned to be gentler to myself and listen to how my body can and what it needs. Yoga also revealed how stuck I was, and gradually I learned to relax my body. Yoga helped my body recover and my mind calmed down. I noticed that I always missed the yoga mat again, ”says Tiina.

yoga-media-northoutdoor"I have always loved physical activity and as long as I remember, all kinds of exercise has been a big part of my life. Over the years, the amount of exercise, species and quality have changed at the same pace as awareness of my body and its needs has increased."

In addition to my own hours, Tiina yoga a few times a week. The wrinkle is not part of Tiina's repertoire. Particularly in free, he listens to his body and his mind: “On holidays and free yoga, in a very different way. Sometimes yoga on vacation every morning, and sometimes it takes longer times that I do not like yoga at all, but do other exercise. I do not do yoga in a disciplined and systematic way, but I am more of a mover according to the mood. This also applies to yoga. ”

Tiina experienced her most spectacular yoga moment in Bali, where she traveled alone: ​​"I was alone yoga for two weeks. It was a perfect yoga trip where I was able to focus only on myself and yoga and relaxation. Plans to make a similar trip at some point."

Tiina-Väinölä-Yoga Director-Northoutdoor“In my free time, I often wear relaxed sports clothes and I like that in yoga clothes I can go to the city. I do not use prints in yoga clothes, but I prefer harmonious monochrome products that I can freely combine. ”

Comprehensive well -being

As a yoga teacher, Tiina is interested in the overall well -being of the body and how a person can find a balance in activity and rest. “Through yoga, knowledge of your own body deepens, and thus also increases your understanding of your body and mind. Yoga can be practiced anytime, anywhere, ”says Tiina Yoga's good things.

Tiina's own life yoga has brought patience, peace and balance. With the help of mobility and body knowledge, he has overcome different pain conditions.


Tiina's favorite is Hatha Yoga, which physical but at the same time a gentle exercise. Sometimes it is nice to challenge the body even with a more physical exercise, but just as enjoyed restoring restorative yoga. "Here, too, it is important to take into account the overall load of the body and other hobbies, and try to find a good balance in exercise and rest."

Tiina yoga is happy to be outdoors in the lawn in her own yard or cliffs by the water. “I also enjoy moving in the woods and I really like to guide yoga in the woods as well. In our second home in Spain, the best thing is to yoga in the morning at the edge of the pool, after which you can take a dip in the pool, ”says Tiina about her routines.

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Tiina is actively trained in yoga. In addition to larger degree training, he is also happy to attend smaller courses.

Working yoga - the most important thing is balance and peace

Tiina acts as an entrepreneur and takes hours especially for businesses. In addition, working hours are filled with lessons for private customers and groups.

There has been a lot of versatile know -how for Tiina. 20 years of experience in the sports industry and countless less than the lessons have fallen into a solid foundation for a solid know-how. In addition to the training of a physiotherapist and wellbeing coach, Tiina is a certified yoga teacher: "I am currently completing Yoga Medicine and I graduate as a RYT -500 certified instructor and a therapist expert"

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Before yoga guidance, Tiina worked in the gym as a group exercise counselor, fitness center manager and a large chain group exercise director. “As a well-being professional, I can use more than 20 years of experience in the sports industry and guiding different lessons. Yoga brought balance and tranquility to my life, ”Tiina sums up.

Tiina advises beginners to feel free to try different hours and teachers: “This is how to find the most appropriate exercise and a teacher who is good to be in teaching. The yoga studio website finds a lot of information about different hours, and you should feel free to ask the teacher about different yoga styles. ”

Tiina-Väinölä-Yoga Director-NorthoutdoorTiina is positive, energetic and easily enthusiastic.

Relaxed in merino wool

“The best yoga clothing is flexible and comfortable on. My favorite outfit is comfortable yoga and t-shirt or top as well as a soft knit or hoodie”, Opens Tiina.

Merino wool is a familiar material for Tiina: “I only use merino wool lingerie when outdoors. In winter, I ski and ski a lot, so the merino wool lingerie is absolute. Also in knitwear I prefer merino wool or cashmir ”.

In the opinion of Tiina, the best aspects of merino wool are breathability, warmth and soft feel against the skin. Tiina's North Outdoor favorites are All day collection Merino t-shirt and merinofleece hoodie. “Merino in biker shorts Yoga in the summer, they are absolutely lovely! ”.

Tiina also guides hours outdoors. This summer, lessons will be held in Nuuksio and Haukilahti's cliff