Hiking is the best in the summer - Read Morning Coffee blogger Henriikka Reinman's stunning adventures

Hiking is a lifestyle for Henriikka Reinman. Henriikka, in particular, enjoys day trips, where you can target with little effort and planning. See what the hiker's tips and life look like with the whole family, a small child with a little child look like.

Henriikka-Reinman morning coffee-northoutdoor"My special skills in nature is that in a matter of minutes I can drop my shoulders in a hurry and stress and adapt to nature."

Jacket open toward new adventures

When the hunger for seeing is hard and the planning is not a favorite, a day -to -day nature trip is the solution. In daytime hiking, Henriikka is attracted by its ease and ease of it.

"I'm not a big big design fan, and for day trips you can go a little jacket open. And even if you take any kind of gourmet, you can stand when there is only one day you go. I just live my life anytime, often in the woods or by the sea, ”Henriikka opens his hiking philosophy.

Henriikka's parents took him and three siblings a lot into nature. Then there was no number of excursions, but outdoor nature was part of life, and a natural extension of the forest in the backyard. Outdoor life and parents' example have left Henriika so strong that it has even affected his career path.

Henriikka-Reinman morning coffee-northoutdoor

“We rushed my mother in the homeland of Kainuu in jams and pine forests. We cooked my Kouvola childhood home in the nearby forest probably weekly, sometimes daily. We went on canoe trips and spent a lot of time in one of the bones of nature. It left its mark. As I was about to study in adulthood, I became excited about nature again. I also found camping and hiking in a completely different way. All the time, I went to nature and spent the best moments of my life there. Between 2018 and 2019, I trained as a wilderness guide to understand the industry more holistically and better, ”says Henriikka.

Henriikka, who works for content production, also records his excursions to social media. Outdoor content is a significant part of the Morning Coffee Media brand. Henriikka tells about her life and excursions in addition to the blog On Instagram and In their morning coffee podcast.

“I strive to live a full life, go boldly towards things and enjoy the trip without doing or too much. Life is first and foremost a happy thing, ”Henriikka smiles.

Henriikka-Reinman morning coffee-northoutdoorHenriikka likes variation and gets stuck in front of the routines while still looking for security, family and home -like home.

Day hiking is at its easiest outdoors

The adventurous and joyful Henriikka goes in nature almost daily, and I feel that the difference between hiking and outdoor activities is disappearing. On average, he makes excursions weekly, and even more often in winter. The nature of hiking has lived naturally with life changes.

“We lived in our second home of the winter, in a small red cottage in Ylläs, and there were excursions almost every day. However, during the last year, when our child has existed at all, the lengths and nature of the excursions have naturally changed, ”says Henriikka.

There has been a lot of experience. In addition to childhood, Henriikka has been actively hiking since 2014, when she turned 24.

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There is no one favorite destination in Henriika. Versatility and seeing new destinations are more important. After a moment of thinking, however, one item stands out: “If I had to choose, Kouvola-based-oriented and spent my childhood in Repovesi National Park, maybe I would choose it. Repovesi's ruggedness and beauty are impressive. ”

Henriika has a few tips for a novice hiker: “Those who start daytime hiking may not have to consider much. This sounds like a radical sentence, but if you leave a warm, rainy day somewhere on an easily marked route in your pocket, you can't get a very bad track. Hiking hobbies can be easily accessible. If you want to bet, I would recommend wearing practical and good shoes, breathable clothing, and to reserve rain and wind for rain and windproof backpack. When the backpack is still ergonomic and reminds himself of a hiking etiquette and everyone's rights, he goes a long way. ”

Henriikka-Reinman morning coffee-northoutdoor

These nice Henriikka recommends trying!

  1. Two National Parks in Tammela: Torronsuo National Park and Liesjärvi National Park
  2. The Ylläs area where magnificent mountain scenery opens, for example, from Äkäskero
  3. South Konnevesi National Park with a great setting for a canoeing trip
  4. Linlo Island in Kirkkonummi, with several atmospheric campfires
  5. Olhava in Repovesi, especially in popularity of climbers


Merino wool clothing is an important part of hiking

Henriikka is a big fan of merino wool and has used it for years.

"I don't change two in hiking: one is wool and the other is a waterproof shell outfit," Henriikka sums up.

Henriikka lists the best half of Merino wool in breathability and heating. Clothes work perfectly for hiking, as merino wool also heats up damp. “Merino wool is also antibacterial, so you don't have to wash it often, if ever. Merino wool clothing is easy to maintain, it is lightweight and comfortable against the skin. ”

Henriikka North Outdoor favorites

Finland | Nature -The collection is my absolute favorite of Henry. He has a weekly use of coffee-brown Kota wool shirts and Kaski-wool shirts in several colors. North Outdoor's merino wool boxers and socks are also on Henriika weekly.

New and old excursions call

As a lover of fast solutions, Henriikka often goes to the same familiar places, but always keeps eyes open for new destinations. You don't have to go far to find some great places: “Finland is so great and full of natural opportunities, and everyone's rights are so diverse. Certain local destinations always stay in the heart and I may visit tens or hundreds of times, but alongside it I want to constantly raise memories and information about new places. ”

New destinations Henriikka finds the hiking sites and local areas on the terrain map, asking about nature centers and talking to friends and acquaintances. Henriikka, who has a broad social media platform, is also happy to advise from her followers, as she has a lot of experienced nature and hiking scientists in her followers.

The excursion can come to life in moments, sometimes the destination needs to be planned longer: “Sometimes, for example, a particular route or destination has been long in mind. Sometimes we wake up to a new day and get the idea that we take a mushroom trip and lunch break in the nearby launch. ”

Henriikka-Reinman morning coffee-northoutdoorHenriikka's family includes a spouse and a child with whom Henriikka hikes. A small child brings his own spice to hiking.

“It is good to remember to drop a certain selfishness with a baby or baby hiking. With the child, I hike on the child's terms and childhood. There is no need to be too many goals, you are enough in nature. Planning with the child must also be done in more detail and note that the baby is not able to tell his or her own needs verbally. Dressing, weather conditions, route choices and hiking gear play a more important role when you are small or small on the way. ”

Henriikka also enjoys hiking alone and warns that it can easily be hooked. As you go alone, safety is an increasingly important role. “When hiking alone, safety is emphasized because you are responsible for everything. If you go any further, you should tell someone you are going and what kind of route is ahead. It is also advisable to be more careful about the goods and check the route, terrain and weather conditions even more closely, ”Henriikka points out.

Henriikka-Reinman morning coffee-northoutdoor

 This summer, Henriikka spends his family with his family in Kainuu, cottages in Kainuu. Local hiking and overnight canoeing trip are planned. The Porvoo Archipelago hiking opportunities also invite boats.