Merino wool shirt is the perfect choice for summer

Marine shirt It's a guaranteed choice for summer use! The benefits of merino wool, such as excellent breathability, softness, flexibility and lightness are just the features that are sought from the most used shirt in the summer. We can guarantee that you want to wear a merino wool shirt every time you have tried it once.

Northoutdoor sea shirtAll day 150 Women's Merino Shirt is available in several colors.

Marine shirt is soft and pleasant against the skin

Merin wool can be made into a very thin fabric. First contact with merino wool clothes would not be believed to be wool. So soft and lightweight products are. Due to the overwhelming features of merino wool, the summer clothing made of merino wool is exceptionally breathable, lightweight and pleasant on top.


The men's All day 150 Merino t -shirt is available in a variety of colors with and without print.

Merino fiber is elastic and flexible in structure. Due to its unique fiber structure, merino knit is much softer, more elastic and lighter than sheep wool. The most common idea of ​​wool has often become with traditional sheep wool. The wool is perceived as itchy and even rough against the skin. This is due to the thick and coarse structure of the traditional wool fiber. Unlike traditional sheep wool, merino wool fiber is very long and thin. This allows for thin and soft knitwear.


There are many t-shirts in North Outdoor's extensive t-shirt collection. There is a wide range of colors. You can also choose a merino wool t-shirt according to your own fit. In the women's collection you will find t-shirts with a loose, sitting and normal sizing.

Women's Merino-T-Shirt-NorthoutdoorMerino t-shirt is perfectly pleasant and soft against the skin.

Not itch

Made of merino wool t-shirt is on breathable and soft. High quality merino wool ensures that the product does not itch. Therefore, it is also well suited for skin wearing products such as t-shirts and tops.

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Merino t-shirt is the perfect travel clothing

Merino T-shirt is a great travel partner. It is very lightweight with the carrying, and it does not wrinkle despite compact packaging. Thanks to the antibacterial feature of merino woolYou can use your traveling for several days and even weeks. The shirt always stays fresh and odorless. The t-shirt made of merino wool also does not frighten the rain and it dries very quickly. Merino wool effectively transfers moisture off the skin and evaporates it into the air.

Northoutdoor-men-summer clothesThanks to the antibacterial feature of the merino wool, the same t-shirt can be used on a trip for several days. Ventilation is often sufficient to clean the shirt.

No longer grinding t-shirts

Many people have experienced the feeling when the garment feels grinding and damp against the skin. With the Merino T -shirt, this problem is not about - not even in the heat of summer. Merino wool naturally reacts to body temperature. That's why the sea shirt feels cold with a cold, hot cool. The thinner the wool fiber used in the shirt, the faster and more efficient the heat control of the wool works. Thanks to its thin and lightweight knitting, the Merino wool shirt is great, especially for summer use.

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The perfect choice for an excursion and outdoor activities

Merino wool shirt is a fire -safe alternative to outdoor activities, hiking and hiking. Merino wool requires temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius to ignite. For example, you can compare the value with a cotton that will light up at 225 degrees. Also, the wool does not melt when it comes to light, as is the case with synthetic fiber material as soon as the spark is flying.

Merino wool shirt also naturally protects against UV radiation, which makes the material a great summer hike. Merino wool's natural UPF value is usually at least 20 UPF and currently up to 50 UPF. Darker shades and thicker knitting generally give better UV protection.


Merino wool is an ecological and responsible option

Merino wool is a renewable and biodegradable material, and as a result, there is also a very ecological option. Only ethically produced mulesing-free merino wool has been used in North Outdoor. All of our t-shirts are made of high quality wool yarns produced by the Südwoli Group. The wool yarns produced by the Südewolle Group are made responsibly and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The company is known for its high quality and environmentally friendly production.

More than 60 % of the environmental impact of the textile product has been found to be created during washing and maintenance of the garment. Micro -plastics that release from artificial fiber clothing often ends up in harmful water. One of the best features of merino wool is the lack of washing and the naturalness of the material. Due to its natural antibacteriality, merino clothing very rarely requires washing. The most important maintenance of the garment is ventilation, which can be used to reduce the washing spacing of the product. Once upon entering the end of his life cycle, the merino wool garment does not cause harm to the environment, but of course, when destroyed, it will decay within a few years and release the nutrients back into the soil for re -recovery.

Men-Merinowear-NorthoutdoorFall in love with merino wool! From the North Outdoor online store You will find many good options.