Arctic Merino Tube Scarf

Arctic Merino Tube Scarf

Arctic Merino Tube Scarf

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Multifunctional and adjustable ARCTIC-tubescarf designed for very cold and challenging conditions. Crafted by tubescarf is longer in the front and back to provide better protection for the neck and chest. Thanks to the design tubescarf sits comfortably on the shoulders. The upper part of the product has a drawstring fastening that allows the tuba scarf to be snugly fitted to the desired position. ARCTIC-tubescarf Suitable for use around the neck, on the head or as a face shield. Made of soft merinofleece, it is comfortable on the skin and very warm. The knitted fabric feels dry even when slightly damp.

Merinofleece is 100% natural material. The fibres of merino wool trap warming air between the skin and the shell layer. The natural fibres effectively wick moisture away from the skin. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, airing is often all that is needed to freshen the garment. The merino wool used by North Outdoor is ethically produced mulesing-free wool.

Product information


• 95 % merino wool, 5 % elastane
• Knit: 250 g/m², jersey
• Merino Micron: 17.2
• Washbox: Polyester

• The most important maintenance of merino wool accessory is ventilation
• The less often you wash the better
• Machine washing low washing temperature, 30 degrees, product busted upwards
• Link the outfit as lightly as possible
• Using a washing bag saves machine washable merino wool clothing
• Use detergent suitable for wool washing, pH less than 7
• Do not use rinse aids
• Do not use the dryer
• Shape the garment lightly damp
• The product can be ironed or steamed at the lowest power
• Use a liner - merino wool clot

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