North Outdoor's story

It all started with wool socks

The story of the current North Outdoor dates back to the turn of the millennium whenTeemu Kattilakoski and Lauri Pyykönen Life was rhythmic was rhythmic for racing athletes. The athletes who represented the cross-country skiing national team spent hundreds of days on training and race trips. The ski trails were another home and the conditions are often harsh. Whether it was a chilling frost, a viima or a rain, they went to the track in the weather. The heart rate rose, sweat flowed, clothes were worn and stripped of the situation and the weather. The extremely tuned body of the top athlete could not be frozen.

There was no shortage of equipment, but their operation in extreme conditions and intensity was questionable. It felt like a combination that would warm up and protect sufficiently even when the machine had got the most out of the machine and the jacket was literally empty and wet, not yet available. Solving the problem and Pyykö was fascinated. Friends come up with carefree clothes in their spare time where life could be enjoyed without cold, heat and laundry lines. The requirements for the material were tough.

In the early 2000s, sportswear was in a hurry to the heel technical and synthetic fibers. When skiers got the first merino wool socks for test use, the realization of the solution to strict criteria could be found in natural material. Wool socks wetted in Mono did not seem uncomfortable, but nice and best of all they continued to warm up.

The years of ambitious work began, in which the characteristics of merino wool and the production of wool products were introduced through unyielding and determination. During the active years, product development followed the motto, which was peak to the top achievements: "Development stops with satisfaction". Only the best fit and the half -wool would not fall.

The journey from the idea to implementation has required the twin-friendly efforts and drops of sweat. The activities are guided by courage, ambition and confidence that Finnish skills and proper work can also succeed internationally. There have been ups and downs, but for a moment the pace has not coagulated. In just over ten years, North Outdoor has grown into a clothing company employing more than 30 people with three offices around Finland in addition to its own domestic knitting.

In this sport, success is not measured by World Championship medals. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who live an active and full life in comfortable and carefree merino wool clothing - products that have the freedom to live in the fullest.

North Outdoor staff at the opening of Oulu Knitting in 2022.

Timeline from North Outdoor's Development Code: