Yleisimmin kysytyt kysymykset kanta-asiakaspisteiden käytöstä:

Will I be credited with the promo code if I make a return?

If you use the promotional code and return all the products in that order, the points will be refunded to the situation before the order was placed. If you use a pre-code and return only part of the products from that order, the pre-code will be considered used and the points redeemed for the pre-code will not be refunded after the partial refund. The pre-code cannot be reused.

Why can't I use a larger pre-code on my order?

To redeem 5€ and 10€ discount codes, your order must be worth at least 50€. To redeem discount codes above this, the minimum order value is €100.

I redeemed the code, but did not use it. Why have the points been deducted from my account?

When you redeem a promotional code, the amount of points needed to redeem the code is automatically deducted from your account, even if you do not use the code immediately. Points are not refunded for redeemed barcodes, as the redeemed barcode remains in your account under your previous benefits until you use it. The preference code is only used once you have applied it to your purchase.