When the dog hobby takes you - Anu and Linda Hausen are the best!

Tracking is a dog hobby in which a person and a dog work. Anu and Linda Hausen are mother and daughter, both of whom eager dog athletes. The unifying sport is a special mark. Let's go out to practice on the weather like on the road all year round!

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"The best thing about tracking is hobbies with the dog and the fresh air"

The pre -work of the Earth is exciting and intense for both the dog and the person with it. Linda Hausen is an enthusiastic enthusiast of different dog species, whose main sport is a specialty. Linda is trained by her own dogs 7.5-year-old Mila and 3-year-old Ansa. Both dogs enjoy the trace of the track.

 - With a special trail, the dog tracks the trail of a human walk in the ground. The dog's job is to find the remaining items and express them, usually by going to the ground, Linda opens her sport.

In a special trail, man's odor traces are created on the field in the form of straight, arches and corners. There are also objects to be expressed. The dog finds out the trail of the nose while working on the ground. There are several different types of testing for dogs. It's no wonder, because nasal work and using the sense of smell are a natural and meaningful job for the dog.

Northoutdoor hobby_cadsDid you know that the dog smells better hungry than saturated? The odor area of ​​the dog's muzzle and the cherry is many times more than a person. Therefore, the dog not only smells better - it can also distinguish odors better.

Dogs have other hobby benefits. Tracking and intense work relaxes the dog. Dog sports can also be a way to relieve the need for an active dog. Many very lively dogs learn to track and thus benefit from its leveling effect.

Like his daughter, Anu Hausen is equally enthusiastic about different dog species, and especially the special trail. Both women got acquainted with the Finnish Hovawart Summer Camp in 2014.

Although the sport is practiced throughout the year in Finland's varying weather, the weather is not a problem. Vice versa! According to Anu and Linda, the best thing about the sport is to practice with the dog, the fresh air and a nice club in a relaxing environment.

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A functional pair of pair is the main goal of tracking

In a special trail, the couple is made up of a dog and a person. However, it is important that the dog drives independently. It is only a person's job to help the dog move more easily. Exercise also requires self -discipline from the handler because the dog must be reliable in all situations. A good handler skillfully reads the dog's body language and trusts his dog and his nose.

Tracking is an easy and fairly inexpensive hobby. You can practice, regardless of time alone or together. In addition to the location suitable for exercises, a dog, an aftermath and remaining objects are needed. With the sport, the same spiritual people are also easy to get to know. If you want, you can also race in tracking. Linda is actively competing with Milan. It is planned to try competing with a younger trap the following summer. Anu races in the sport nowStelmo´s -like with Strega.

northoutdoor hobbyA well -trained dog also learns to avoid the illusions that are created when a human or animal has just walked over the trail to be driven. High -quality training and abundant training will also produce the best possible result in challenging.

- My goal is to train dogs that are motivated to track the trace technically skillfully. In exams and competitions, I see the best possible results! Strega is a great hobby buddy who drives a very independent and strong trace, praises Anu her race partner.

The race situation can be as nerve -racking as inspirational. Although the dog is familiar, every day is different. The weather may also vary during the race day.

- The race in the sport is exciting. You do not know exactly what kind of weather you get for your competitive performance. Although your dog's level of education is mainly known, when competing with the animals, you will never fully know what will come, Linda says.

Versatile dog hobbies progress both as the handler and dog's skills increase. The challenge factor is easy to increase. The trace can be made more difficult with longer and angular marks. Traces aging time also plays a role in difficulty levels - the older the trace, the more challenging it is. The most skilled dogs also drive over the ditches, for example. Conditions also affect the dog's work. Therefore, it is important to practice every weather.

Northoutdoor hobby_pressureThe weather plays a big role in aging and maintaining the trace. Heavy rain quickly rinses the trail. The wind is also challenging. It can move the smell of the trail out of place.

Dog hobby outdoors requires a lot of dress

The changing weather, especially from autumn to spring, the cold season is part of the hobby. Cold and Viima are largely an attitude and dressing issue from Anus and Linda. Both women rely for layering and merino wool.

- We keep warm with weather -like clothing, in addition to moving and with a warm drink, laughs Anu.

- The species is really down to earth. Let's go out almost in the weather, as the tests can also face what the weather, such as heavy rain or wind, adds Linda.

- As the hobby occurs in the spacious area, the great cause of coldness in the spring and autumn is the wind. Fields often spend long periods of time if there are more dogs involved. The traces are always allowed to grow old, which takes time. Warm clothes play an important role. I prefer layered, boots or hiking boots and, if necessary wool socks, good wind -resistant jacket, beanie and gloves. The car also has almost always a raincoat, says Linda about the dress required by the species.

Layer dressing can also be prepared for the weather on site, as it is easy to adjust the outfit by adding or reducing the layers. Layer dressing also gives you more out of clothing, as there are several chances of merging.

Linda and Anu have tested North Outdoor products during practice. In particular, hard use has been Sensitive-Merinin, The Nature collection sea and marine finger, working with touch screens.

- I find it difficult to choose only one favorite product from North Outdoor. At the moment

Hard use is Sensitive-The layer and marine fingers for touch screens. The touch feature on your fingers is insanely good, for example, you sometimes want to shoot during workouts. Thanks to Merino wool, the gloves are also really warm, Linda admires.

Northoutdoor hobby-impressionNorth Outdoor Merinos Finger Work with touch screens, so you do not need to remove your fingers if you use a touch screen phone, for example.