Merino wool dress is the perfect choice for summer

Merino wool dress It's the most wonderful garment of the summer! The versatile dress collection of North Outdoor has quickly gained a great popularity. Dress designs are carefully designed to have a summer dress for everyone. There is a shorter and longer hem, narrower and clocked. All merino dresses are united by the fact that they paste the skin with their softness, breathability and lightness. Wonderful gentle dresses prove that merino wool is also the perfect material for summer clothes.

merino wool dress-northoutdoorPerfect summer dress Get a smile on your lips!

Hot summer new

Ivy is the novelty of this summer. The frill -pearl Merino dress is a perfect heat dress. The dress is a faucet with a stinging hem and a grooved neckline. Ivya is available in two classic beautiful colors: in dark blue and in black.

Ivy-Merinomakko-Frilla Hellem-NorthoutdoorAll day 150 merino dress in the ivy is suitable for many expenses. A light merino dress is as well suited for sandals as with sneakers.

Merino dress is perfect against the skin

The high quality merino dress made of a thin knit is wonderfully soft! The knit balances the temperature, which makes the dress feel comfortable in summer heat. In a cheerful summer evening, the dress is warmer than a thin dress made of other materials. The best thing, however, is the feeling of knitting, which is gentle on sensitive skin.

Unlike traditional sheep wool, the merino wool knit is unrivaled and soft. Merino wool's special long and thin fiber structure allows thin and smooth knitwear. When using a merino wool dress, you often forget that the fabric is wool - so great is a knit. Due to the unique fiber structure, the merino knit is much more flexible, lighter and softer than traditional sheep wool.

Also pay attention to the roughness of merino wool, which is clear from the product information. Roughness is expressed in the form of microns. The 17.2 micron knit used in North Outdoor's dresses is particularly smooth, which prevents the dress from knitting.

 merino dress-summer-northoutdoorAll day 260 Merino dress slide There is a sleeveless dress with a clock -like hem.

Summer dress pockets have our customers' favorite

The pockets in the dress have one of the most liked features in our dresses. You can find pockets in our dresses All day 260 ria, All day 260 ros and All day 260 mia. These both dresses are also united by a really soft and masking merino fabric. It is made of double knit with 100% Merino wool and the inside of a soft 100% bamboo.

Merino dress with pockets NorthoutdoorAll day 260 merino dress ros is the best -selling dress model in North Outdoor. The dress is available in many different colors.

Merino dress with pocketsLong -hearted All day 260 merino dress ria Perfect summer dress with pockets.