Horse hobby brings balance and well -being to life

Horse hobbies are diverse, rewarding and rewarding. At the same time, the sport brings extensive well-being and teaches his hobbyist a sense of responsibility. Wellbeing coach Kanerva Ahonala has been riding all her life. In particular, Icelandic horses are close to the heart of Kanerva.

Kanerva-ahonala-NorthoutdoorKanerva Ahonala is a passionate Icelandic horse enthusiast.

Horse hobbies are suitable for all ages

It is possible to start horse hobby at any age. One of the most popular forms of equestrian sports, riding is a hobby among all ages. In addition to riding, horse hobbies include many other ways to deal with and communicate with the horse. In addition to riding, horses are utilized, for example, in horse racing and horse -friendly activities such as therapy riding.

Kanerva Ahonala is a passionate Icelandic horse enthusiast. As a day -to -day job, he works as a wellness coach, running two wellness rooms in Helsinki. Kanerva feels that horse hobby is a perfect balancing factor alongside his hectic urban life. "As the stable in the middle of nature and breathing pure air in Vihti, many things and priorities become clearer," Kanerva describes.

Like many other horse enthusiasts, Kanerva has found her way more closely to your hobby again in adulthood. “I've been riding almost my whole life. As a teenager, I competed in the step competition even at an international level. Due to work, the hobby stayed in the background for about 15 years until I found it again about five years ago, ”says Kanerva.

In time, most of the horse hobbies are animal care. The most active horse enthusiasts spend several days and hours a week at the stable. Although this is a high-rise hobby, the benefits it brings can be so huge that they are visible in all aspects of life. This has also happened to Kanerva.

“I go to our stable in Vihti 3-4 times a week, and usually the trip lasts all day. Organizing a 4-day work week for a hobby took two years, but it has been one of the best decisions for my well-being. Keeping things apart brings perspective and clarifies your thoughts, ”Kanerva describes.

Kanerva-ahonala-NorthoutdoorGood equestrian skills include creating a confidential relationship between the horse and the rider.

Good horse -friendly skills are key in horse hobby

Horse men's skills become an important thing to learn when starting a horse hobby. Horse skills play a key role in everything, as horse racing is always based on the well -being of horses. Good equine skills include managing horse care and handling, and creating a confidential relationship between the rider and the horse. Creating a confidential relationship requires a deeper understanding of the horse's moods.

“When hustling with horses, especially young horses, the horns must always be kept upright. The horse's state of mind must be evaluated daily and carried out exercises depending on what seems to be suitable for the horse. Horses also have different days and have to go, ”Kanerva sums up.

Kanerva-ahonala-NorthoutdoorWorking on the well -being of horses is of paramount importance to Kanerva.

Combining a beloved hobby and working life

Working as an entrepreneur and owning more horses requires a lot of time, work and organizational ability. By nature, Kanerva describes that he is warm and empathetic, but also honest and candid, which works very well with horses.

The first own horse, strars, came to the family when Kanerva was about 20 years old. “Straakur, another name Takku is now 32 years old, so he has been with us for a long time. Takku is "The Grumpy Old Man", which, however, in addition to all his stubbornness and frenzy, loves attention and hustle and bustle. A decent companion who has a lot of stories to tell, as long as you can listen to them, ”Kanerva describes.

Kanerva and his family owns the Icelandic horseman in the beautiful cultural landscapes of the mainland of the Gulf of Vihti in Vihti. In the summer of 2021, the family was born to the family, Dagdraumur, or Dagis, who has already made history despite his young age - he is the first Icelandic horse -insured in Finland. “Despite its small size, Dagis is already a big man. A friendly boy who practices with herd oaks with herds, ”says Kanerva.

When asking Kanerva, the most important reason for going to the stable is very clear: “The well -being of horses is of paramount importance to me. When you do things to the well -being of horses, you clearly notice the significance of the work. It, in turn, gives myself plenty of energy and well -being. ”

The right dress is key in riding. Kanerva trusts in his dress merino wool. Kanerva's favorite products are Sensitive-The merino collection, tube scarf, merino wool socks as well as well -fitting Kaarna Merinneul.


Remember layer! This is how you detail at the stable all year round

Because riding is often a year -round hobby, a good and weatherproof dress is rising to the key. “Good fit and quality are important for both horse and rider equipment. Dressing at the stable must take into account the pleasantness, lightness and good fit of the materials. The most important rider's equipment is comfortable, weather -friendly clothing, good helmet and safe shoes, ”Kanerva sums up her thoughts on riding equipment.

Merino has been part of Kanerva's clothing for many years. "Merino wool does not itch, is cool in summer and warm in winter, and it does not start to smell bad," says Kanerva Merino wool's benefits in the stable environment. “It's hard to choose from my favorite product from North Outdoor because I use the products in a very diverse and almost daily basis. Sensitive-however, the merino wool layer and merino wool socks are two products without which I could not work in the stable in winter. Merino wool socks are layered as needed, and sock That's why I find me with several different thicknesses, ”says Kanerva.

Layer dressing becomes important, especially during the winter season. On the coldest days, there is often a warm-up of the Nature collection on top of Kanerva sea ​​-knitwear. In addition to previously listed equipment, head and neck protection is important when riding: ””Sensitive-Tube scarf is an absolute rider accessory! It is often difficult to fit under the helmet, but the tube scarf pulled over the ears works perfectly, ”says Kanerva.

Töltti-Island horses-northoutdoorThe goal of step riding is to present the horse and its different steps in the best possible way.

Step riding is the species of Icelandic horses

Kanerva has ended up with Icelandic horses through her mother, who has been an enthusiastic horse enthusiast at a young age. “I have noticed that many friends from my age group end up moving back into their childhood home or its surrounding areas. We often moved in my own childhood and I do not feel any of these places as my childhood home. I feel that horses bring me the atmosphere of childhood to which I want to go back to, ”says Kanerva.

The first horse of the family, the Icelandic horses, has been in the family as Kanerva was born. Later, Kanerva has learned how to ride on the brunk foal, a Draumur. "You could say that I was born on the horse's back," laughs Kanerva.

Icelandic horses can, in addition to the visitors, ie visit, trot and the trot, one or two specialty storage. Stepping refers to the different ways of moving the horse. Icelandic horse specialist is called Töltti and a connecting pass. Thus, Icelandic horses can be even five -time. Step riding is a special species of Icelandic horses. The goal of step riding is to present the horse and its different steps in the best possible way. In Finland, the step competitions are organized by the Finnish Icelandic Horse Association SiHY.

As the best feature of Icelandic horses, Kanerva raises their versatility. The versatility is not limited to Kanerva's just to control the steps alone. “At best, in addition to riding five steps, Icelandic horses can be used to do dressage, jump obstacles and ride long hikes in the terrain. Their nerve structure and nature are also often also suitable for various horse -aid therapies. Because of its nature, the Icelandic horse is a suitable knight for both children and adults. The best individuals match their pace and the desire to go, according to the rider, so being a safe knight for everyone. ”

horse hobby hobby horses-northoutdoorIn the future dreams of Kanerva, it is to paracture back to the step competition. The picture shows one of the latest newcomers to the Kanerva horse family, Jarl.

The most important thing is to dare to dream

The latest newcomers to the Kanerva horse family are 8-year-old Jarl aka Jartsa and Jarhletta aka Jarla, who arrived from Iceland to Finland at the end of August 2021. “Jartsa is just right for me. Skillful, but not nearly ready. I believe that we will develop a lot from our skills over the coming years, ”says Kanerva.

In the future's dream, Kanerva has to gradually return to the step competition. Currently, Kanerva has even competed in his youth even in the national team of step riding and dreamed of reaching the same level in the future.

Kanerva raises the number of Icelandic horses, as well as other changes in the sport, and the challenge of success in the success of stepping competitions. According to Kanerva, the potential of a younger horse is also difficult to predict. In making future decisions, Kanerva intends to approach his choices ahead of the horse's capacity. However, as a persistently pushing and determined character, Kanerva dares to dream: "Dreaming feeds motivation, so I do not curb my dream."

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