Why North Outdoor?

North Outdoor is a Finnish brand of merino wool clothing. Every garment, detail and purpose is designed in Finland for the varying conditions of the North. North Outdoor is based in Oulu, where the gales of the Bothnian Sea and the northern fjord winds offer a colourful show in four seasons.

Our own knitting factory in Oulu

We have made a unique investment for the clothing brand and built our own knitting factory to Oulu. Our own factory is a dream come true for us and we are proud that we can make world -class merino clothing in Finland. Currently, high quality knitwear from the Nature collection is made from your own production.

Merino wool changes the world

North Outdoor's main raw material is responsible merino wool. We wanted to learn everything from merino wool because we believe that its great features have not been fully utilized. The material itself offers the same features that sportswear designers have been seeking for years. Merino wool adapts to the features of both the user and the environment in a unique way. Merino wool is breathable, light and warm. Thanks to the antibacteriality, odors do not stick to the clothes.

Merino wool is thin and flexible compared to traditional sheep wool. This unique structure allows us to produce very thin and soft knitwear from merino wool. Merino wool garments are suitable for outdoor, sports and everyday wear. Our wool products are mulesing-free and the textiles are Oeko-Tex certified. We also use Woolmark-certified merino wool yarns in our garments. Every garment made from merino wool helps reduce plastic waste from the textile industry, and merino wool is a completely biodegradable natural material.
The perfect weather conditions have inspired us to design and manufacture products that serve a wide range of uses every day of the year; whether it's a blizzard, drizzle, autumn storm or searing heat. Made with uncompromising craftsmanship, our products are tested in nature's own laboratory and provide temperature-adaptive comfort and natural protection against the elements.

Minimalist in the Nordic

North Outdoor products represent the timeless Urban Outdoor And their design language is minimalist in the Nordic. North Outdoor makes versatile clothing for active and outdoor consumers. The collection includes knitwear, hoodies, t-shirts, undercoat, beanies, socks, gloves and leisure dresses, trousers and shorts.

Freedom from the constraints of conditions

Whatever the weather or purpose, we want to provide clothing that allows you to enjoy life, exercise and nature every day of the year. Our products are designed to perform in challenging conditions and in a variety of weather situations. We believe that Merino wool is the most versatile and easy to care for material in the world - it does not require frequent washing.