Competition and Campaign Terms


The time and way of participating in competitions and campaigns, as well as any prizes or campaign products, are mentioned in connection with competitions or campaigns. Campaigns and discounts are not combined with other discounts or discount products.


Campaigns that include a trade cover only apply to new purchases made during the campaign. The value of campaign products and trades is the regular price of our online store. Limited editions are available. The offer includes one campaign product per purchase, unless otherwise mentioned.

Test conditions

In product testing campaigns, the person selected as a tester is to carefully read the product to be tested and write a product assessment. There is 30 days to receive the product for testing and writing review.

You can apply for a product testist as described in the campaign bulletin. We value the product tester among the participants. The product test must be at least 18 years old and live in Finland.

Product assessment can be published on the channels we choose, such as our website and on Facebook. In connection with the publication, the first name of the winner, the first letter of the last name and the place of residence can be described. Images taken during the productization can be used as part of marketing, for example on our website, newsletters or on Facebook.

In order for the tester to get the product being tested, the product testing must be performed according to the instructions. Ownership for the product being tested will remain us until the test has been successfully completed.


In competitions, we will contact the winner or winners in person. Contacting in the same channel where the competition has been participated: for example, in Facebook competitions, we will contact us via Facebook and Instagram competition via Instagram.

If the participant has provided their phone number or email address during the competition, we will contact us using these ways.

If the winner is not reached within seven days, we will complete a new draw.


The organizer of competitions and campaigns is North Outdoor.

Anything else

Facebook does not sponsor, recommend or manage our competitions in any way, lottery is in no way related to Facebook and Facebook cannot be held responsible for any competition.