Huvila & Huussin Kati Jukarainen tells you why cottage is the best

Cottage and sweet Suvi call again! Known from the Huvila and Huussi tv-show, the cottage expert Kati Jukarainen loves Finland's summer, and she always has time for it. For Finns, the cottage lifestyle offers various ways to relax and unwind. Kati enjoys the flexibility of doing as she pleases, whether that's simply relaxing or going on different excursions. Read our blog to find out which tree is Kati's favorite on her cottage property.

Kati-Jukarainen-Vuvila-and-Huusi-NorthoutdoorThe picture shows Lily dress.

Cottage by the sea or lake is wonderful - swim and enjoy

The sound of water is my favorite in the summer. I like to spend time on the beach or on a rowing boat, with a good book, lunch and a bottle of water. I don't like cold at all. I usually dare to swim only after Midsummer. However, swimming in clean lake waters is the best! You also need to get to the sauna every day. Heating a sauna is really nice thing at cottage.

Kati-Jukarainen-Vuvila-and-Huusi-NorthoutdoorKati-Jukarainen-Vuvila-and-Huusi-NorthoutdoorIn the pictures of North Outdoor Lily dress Grain-sea knitwear made in lemon yellow and in Finland.

Take it slow - yoga and meditate

Recovery, rest, and exercise are my top priorities during my cottage holidays. I've been practicing yoga for about twenty years now. There's nothing more wonderful than rolling out my mat at the end of the pier, on the terrace, or on the lawn and doing yoga under the warm sun. I discovered meditation less than a year ago, and it's the best form of mental relaxation and recovery I know.

It is nice to wear clothes in the cottage that I can do a light yoga exercise or meditate if I want to. Relaxed shorts, collar trousers and t-shirt They are my most typical cottage wear. Merino wool They are best suited for cottage life, because the need for washing is less. Ventilation is enough.

 Kati-Jukarainen-Vuvila-and-Huusi-NorthoutdoorKati on the picture All day 250 MerinofleceS shorts and Oulu-made Kuohu marine wool knit.

Work on the yard

What I mainly want from my cottage holidays is quality time with family and simply enjoying life. This can be a challenge because I'm naturally very active. Given that I have a big garden at home that requires a lot of time, it's nice to engage in less demanding activities at the cottage, like planting herbs or setting up small ponds around the yard. The pace is much more relaxed compared to home life.

On vacation, it's crucial to tune into your own rhythms. Sometimes it's good to be active, but it's also perfectly okay to have a more laid-back cottage holiday without turning it into a work camp. Leisurely activities at the cottage feel like a true vacation, unlike tending to my own yard at home. I guess it's the slower pace of cottage life that makes it feel so refreshing.

Kati-Jukarainen-Vuvila-and-Huusi-NorthoutdoorKati in the picture All day 250 Merinofleece pants and All day 250 Merinofleece shirt.

Read and be without smart devices

I'm an avid audiobook listener, but I always bring a physical book with me to the cottage. Being at the cottage offers an easy way for me to distance myself from smart devices, which I find myself using too much in my everyday life. Due to the nature of my job, where I have to look at a lot of data, I prefer to engage in completely different activities while on vacation. That's why, in addition to bringing a book, I always pack my drawing and painting supplies.



Enjoy nature - take day trips or do camping

I like nature, hiking and camping. The past few years have been so closely spent with the Huvila & Huussi and other work that all the holidays have to be taken out of the holidays. I hope there would be more time for longer tent tours. Fortunately, even a nice trip destination in a day. There are surprisingly nice places in southern Finland. I especially liked Valkmusa National Park and the Nature Trails of Melkutinjärvi. When I choose a rental cabin, I always go to googling the close outing destinations.

Kati-Jukarainen-Vuvila-and-Huusi-NorthoutdoorIn the picture, the outdoor activities are perfect All day 250 Merinofleececehopper.

Whenever I go hiking, I make sure to pack merino wool clothing. My Vilja sweater is a staple for every vacation. Given the unpredictable nature of Finnish weather, it's important to always include warmer clothing options. This becomes especially evident as the day progresses. Merino wool joggers, t-shirts, and hoodies are perfect for this need, as they allow you to easily adjust your outfit throughout the day. Hoodie It is easy to tie to the waist if needed. If the day is cooler, the merino wool outfit is better than regular summer clothes.

Kati in the picture All day 150 Merino T-Shirt.

Cottage Life, Your Style

I spend every summer at Vesanto, where my parents have completely moved to their summer place a few years ago. The best part is the expansive Sonkarijärvi and the surrounding nature. My family also rents cottages in both summer and winter, which has been an excellent choice for us. It's wonderful to arrive at a clean cabin, unwind for a week, and then head back home feeling refreshed. I adore the cottage lifestyle, but I haven't felt the need to own one. Given that we already have a large detached house and yard, I'm not looking to take on the same responsibilities elsewhere. Fortunately, renting cottages in Finland is a breeze.

Cottage life seems to be ingrained in our Finnish DNA. I've noticed that cottages are experiencing some sort of renaissance, especially when it comes to planning outdoor spaces. Specifically, more people are seeking yard plans for their cottages. Cottage designs have evolved; you can find everything from simple, rustic cabins to almost home-like villas with all the amenities. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to find what suits you and live in a way that makes you comfortable. The option to rent has been great because it allows me to experience different locations and types of cottages.


Dresses from merino

I'm definitely a dress user! I can't go anywhere without at least one dress. Merino wool dresses are absolutely wonderful. I was already head over heels for North Outdoor's new Lily dress with its perfect frill hem. Plus, there's something so quintessentially Finnish about wearing a dress while picking flowers.