mitä on merinovilla? Merinovilla on luonnon oma innovaatio. Merinovilla muuttaa maailmaa. Merino villa on luonnon oma innovaatio

What is merino wool

Nature's own innovation





North Outdoor and merino wool

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Merino wool has clearly finer and longer wool fibers compared to other types of wool, which allows for significantly lighter and softer knits to be made from merino wool. The fine fibers from merino wool offer unparalleled breathability and manage moisture very effectively.

Even thin merino wool knits insulate heat very effectively. The undeniable advantage of merino clothing is that you feel comfortable and warm, but the garments don't make you sweat, and moving in them is comfortable.

Mulesing on a surgical procedure used by Australian sheep farmers, in which a piece of loose skin is removed from around the sheep's hindquarters. The formation of scar tissue prevents blowflies from laying eggs and infesting the sheep's skin. The procedure is painful for the sheep if not done with anesthesia, and for this reason, all the merino wool used by North Outdoor comes from farms where mulesing is not practiced.

Due to its unique fiber structure, merino wool is much softer, more flexible, and lighter than traditional sheep's wool. The most common perception of wool has often been formed by traditional sheep's wool. Wool has been perceived as itchy and even rough against the skin. This is due to the thick and coarse structure of traditional wool fibers. Unlike traditional sheep's wool, merino wool fiber is extremely long and thin. This allows for the production of thin and soft merino garments.

Merino wool garments should be washed on the wool or delicate cycle at 30 degrees. We recommend using wool detergent for merino garments. For detailed care instructions for merino clothing, you can check here.

Woolfleece or merino fleece is a breakthrough that has been awaited! Developed as a result of North Outdoor's product development, merino fleece dazzles with benefits that are multiple times greater than traditional polyester fleece. Traditional fleece garments have used plastic-based materials that release microplastics into the wastewater during their entire lifecycle. The environmental friendliness of woolfleece consists of three factors: a high percentage of environmentally friendly materials, a long lifespan, and minimal need for washing. North Outdoor's merino fleece is 95% biodegradable. The material is supplemented with 5% elastane, which significantly extends the lifespan of the products. Merino fleece is also much warmer than traditional polyester fleece.

The greatest benefit of merino wool is achieved when worn directly against the skin. Merino wool has a natural ability to regulate body temperature. Therefore, the material feels particularly warm in winter and cool in summer when worn against the skin. If you prefer not to wear a wool sweater directly against your skin, it is recommended to wear a merino wool t-shirt or tank top underneath. In our range, you can also find merino wool underwear, such as merino wool boxer shorts.

Merino wool breathes exceptionally well and naturally regulates temperature variations. Therefore, garments made of merino wool are excellently suited for use even during the summer months. The thinner the wool fiber used in the garment, the faster and more efficiently the wool's thermal regulation functions.