Merino Club FAQ

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our loyalty program!

Joining is quick and easy! You can join here. Joining is free, and you are automatically registered to receive emails through which you receive, for example, For the sale of loyal customers for sale. If you already have a customer account in our online store, you are already registered with our reward program, so you can just sign in and start earning points for your purchases! Please note that our newsletter order does not automatically connect you to our loyalty program.

We take care of it for you! All customers with an active account are automatically related to our loyalty program.

Merino Club Loyal Customer Page Includes all information about your points and benefits you deserve. We will inform you by email about possible loyalty events and loyal customers campaigns.

You will receive 500 points in your account as soon as you join. You can earn more points for each purchase and change the score you have collected into worthwhile benefits. In addition, collecting points will also provide you with other exclusive benefits, such as the pre -end to the sub -campaigns, a birthday present and the numerous other benefits!

Get 500 points by creating an account for Merino Club. In addition, you can earn points by making purchases, criticizing the products you buy, and following North Outdoor's social media accounts.

Super Merino - You can get to this level as soon as you join the Merino Club.

Extra merino: When buying at least € 300 every year you will reach our next level and open up new benefits.

VIP Merino: When you buy at least € 600 every year you will reach the highest level and get all the benefits for the next 12 months.

  • Double Point campaigns
  • Birthday present
  • Pre-purchase benefit for new products
  • Advance to the lower campaigns
  • Exclusive access to loyalty events
  • Opportunity for Limited Edition products

When you are at the Extra Merino, Super Merino or Vip Merino, you are on that level for a year of the day you deserved it. By ensuring that you are constantly interacting with our program to keep your level or even get up to a new level!

Utilizing points is easy! Just sign in to the Merino Club and browse down the page you will see how many points you have to use and which points you can turn into money. Please note that when using points, you cannot use other discount codes for the same order at the checkout.

Your points are valid for 12 months from the moment you have earned them. The purchase points you make from your online store will sign up for a customer account within 30 days after the purchase. For € 5 and € 10, the minimum order limit is € 50. With more than € 20 vouchers, the minimum order limit is € 100. Please note that when using points, you cannot use other discount codes for the same order.

When you redeem a promotional code, the amount of points needed to redeem the code is automatically deducted from your points, even if you do not use the code immediately. Points are not refunded for redeemed barcodes, as the redeemed barcode remains in your account under your previous benefits until you use it. The preference code is only used once you have applied it to your purchase.

1000 points = € 5

2000 points = € 10

5000 points = € 25

10,000 points = € 50

20,000 points = € 100

You only get points for the purchases you've made after creating your loyalty account. So be sure to create an account and always log in before placing your order so you can earn points!

Contact customer service by sending an email to and our customer service team will be happy to help you connect your accounts!

Easily! Sign up or sign in to Merino Club and start sharing your personal discount code to your friends. They will receive a € 20 discount on the first purchase of more than € 50 (except for shipping and refunds) and you will be rewarded with 2000 points within 30 days after they have made their first purchase. The discount code is available once and cannot be combined with other discounts. We will notify you by email once we have added the score you deserved to your account.

Once you have made a purchase from our online store, you will soon receive an email asking you to send a review of your purchase. You will receive points in your account when you send a review via email.

If you use the pre-code and return all items in that order, your points will be refunded to the status prior to the order. If you use a pre-code and return only part of the products from that order, the pre-code will be considered used and the points redeemed for the pre-code will not be refunded after the partial refund. The pre-code cannot be reused.

If you use points for your purchase and you decide to return your order later, your points will be credited back to your loyalty account. For example, if you use a $ 10 coupon for a $ 100 purchase and decide to return your order, you will be refunded $ 90 within 14 days after we have processed your return. We return the money in the same payment method you used to buy. The prize points you use will automatically return to your loyalty account when you return.

Your points will expire after a year of inactivity. Inactivity means that you have not interacted with our program, that is, for example, you have not redeemed points or made any order within a year.

Check that you are sure to sign in to your loyalty account. In order to earn points, you must always be logged in when you shop at our online store. If you accidentally forgot to sign in, please contact us by email at so we can help add your score to your account. Also, you will not get points if you decide to return your purchase. When the return, we will automatically reduce the score from your order from your loyalty account.

The most common reason that your point balance does not appear properly in your loyalty account is due to the fact that there may be a delay in our system communication. Please note that it may take several days to see points in your account. However, if you feel you have earned points but they don't appear in your account, you can also try to fix the defect with these means:

1. Try updating your browser.
Try to log out and then back to your account.
2. Check with your Merino Club account "your previous benefits" to see if your points have been added unnoticed. In your previous section, you will see the number of points earned, how and when they have been earned and all the redemption of the points made in your account.

If you still feel that your point balance is not true, you can contact our customer service at and we will investigate it for you.

We apologize for the situation! Visiting the error message may have occurred for the following reasons:

1. The email address you entered is incorrect

2. You forgot to put the commas between several emails to separate them. In this case, we recommend that you come back and enter each email address one by one and click "Send" after all, instead of downloading all emails at once.

If you still have problems with emails, we recommend using your unique referral link or distributing recommendation through Facebook, WhatsApp or Messenger. Contact our customer service if you need additional help.

Many thanks for sharing the Merinovilla joy with us!

The friends you recommend must be first -timers, which means they make their first order via the link you share at In addition, recommendation must be made through the recommended field on your personal Merino Club page.

The score will be added to your account as soon as your friend makes their first purchase on our website.

Once your friend has made a purchase from our online store, you will receive an email telling you that one of your friends has made a purchase using the code you sent and that a reward has been added to your account. You can also check the points you earned in the Merino Club page "Former Front", which you will see a list of all the points you have received from the recommendations you make.

To redeem 5€ and 10€ discount codes, your order must be worth at least 50€. To redeem discount codes above this, the minimum order value is €100.