Ice fishing is a popular winter species in the land of thousands of lakes

Climbing is a relaxed job. In addition to the refreshment of the mind, it is often brought home to the meal. The species itself is inexpensive, but it requires a lot of clothing. Olli Kaarlejärvi from Ranu has been an active icebreaker since the little boy. A persistent fisherman often gets the catch.

ice fishing-winter species-northoutdoorOlli Kaarlejärvi thinks it is great to get into the silence of nature after a challenging physical and mental work and sitting on a ice fishing stool. It forgets the work of the past week as well as future challenges.

Ice fishing is the right of everyone

Climbing is a fun winter hobby that can be easily and cheaply accessible. Only a couple of basic shit equipment is needed at first. The repertoire is easy to add as enthusiasm and skills increase. A vertical spark is a convenient way to start. In addition, a drill is needed. Naskals are a ice -rider safety equipment that always goes with you.

Olli Kaarlejärvi is an active enthusiast who chips from the first to the last. Olli admits that sometimes the zeal will take the ice too early. Sometimes it sometimes needs restraint with quitting.

 In everyday life, it is easiest to head to easy -to -reach lakes: “I also make a couple of night trips to the home spaces for a few seasons. The culmination of the season is about a week's trip somewhere in Lapland deep into the wilderness, ”says Olli.

For Olli, the most important thing about ice fishing is nature and calm. Finding new fishing spots brings enthusiasm.

“When I have a ice fishing, all the worries of everyday life are forgotten, then you get to calm down and charge the batteries. I also enjoy the spectacular scenery. And of course, when I succeed, I get an insanely good feeling. ”

icebreaking-northoutdoorClimbing is the right of everyone. The only restriction is certain fishing waters where winter fishing is restricted.

Perseverance is rewarded

Olli doesn't worry about little things. Pillars are also positive. Peacefulness and perseverance are also a asset in ice fishing.

“I'm not tired of trying to find fish that are even on the lakes. I miss it is the perseverance then that many times I can find them, ”laughs Olli.

And what would be fishing without fish stories? There are plenty of them too: “A trip north after the Sail-Eviv is planned for this spring. Hope the air favors and the fish are eating. Last spring I got a 57.5 cm gray. Now the goal is to find a place where I could get even a bigger giant. ”

However, the most important thing is to be in the wilderness. The catch is then a great addition.

icebreaking-northoutdoorMerino wool shirt Metso is 100% merino wool.

Olli fisherman

For the first time, Olli headed to the ice as a little boy with his parents. Most of the time they headed to the ice of Simojoki or nearby Kotijärvi. It was easy to get excited about the sport in the wake of the parents. Olli has always been interested in fishing in all its forms.

“As a child, at the age of a few years, my big brother had called me Olli fisherman. I miss something, because I always have the fish meads. ”

As the age was a bit, Olli was extensively in the nearby lakes with the neighbor's boys. The brisk little boys packed the ice in the backpack and folded several kilometers on skis or walking: “They were only in primary school and did well. The ice fishing continued diligently until vocational school age, ”says Olli.

Even though there was a break from the hobby for a few years, the spark for ice fishing has been found again: "After getting to work, the hobby has slowly returned to the hustle and enthusiasm," Olli says.

Olli urges beginners to ask for good ice fishing spots from more experienced enthusiasts. “If you don't have to ask, you should look at the depth map of that water in question. From there, holes in the area with a lot of depth variations, patches and monts are there. Many times fish are found around them. ”

Also good places are the nearby, the straits and their mouth areas. Olli calls for patience: “It is worth keeping in mind that a good place can look bad even if the fish is simply not eating. The sonar is terribly helping to see if there is fish below. If so, and it doesn't take it, you know to change the swim style or the lure. If nothing is working, a backpack on your back and getting active fish. Return to that same place to try on the next trip if those fish would then be hungry, ”Olli says.

on ice-northoutdoorEvery year, Olli makes ice fishing trips. The best trips are on the northern grayling waters. The best thing is to lie on the ice and stare at the opening as the spring sun bakes: "Cover when the terrible grayling is swimming, and seeing when the fish grabs the bait," laughs Olli.

In ice fishing, good equipment plays an important role

Because Olli is chipping on the weather, the right clothes are all the more important. Their essence is particularly emphasized on wilderness trips.

“The clothes should be warm and easy to dry if they get wet. Of course, comfort is important when you are on, and that your clothes are easy to wear. Many times, ice fishing and trips will be unnoticed and a lot of moved. So the right grinding should not be clothes. The importance of the undercut and intermediate outfit is great here. ”

Olli glows the benefits of merino wool: “Merino It's an insanely good thing! Merino wool Not grinding, they are really warm and very comfortable on. "

Metso's sea wool shirt is in the mind of Olli because it is also good looking. There are other endurance favorites too: “I really like North Outdoor Arctic 260 from the intermediate layer with zipper shirt”.

Head and neck protection is important for ice fishing: “Just these two products of the above are definitely top products for ice fishing. They have high collars and has enough heat. Also the head must remain warm, so Beanie is the peak merino That is to say. ”

Best-wool-shirt-to-glitter-northoutdoorOlli Kaarlejärvi is an avid ice fishing. He also shares his experiences on social media. Olli's fish and travel stories can be seen On Instagram and On YouTube.

What is needed for ice fishing?

Little equipment is needed to ice fishing itself. Olli hints that a 4-inch drill can get off to a good start. "However, I would recommend a 6 -inch drill, so the potential big thing will be left because of the too small hole."

With one ice fishing and a quick lock you do well. “And a few different ice fishing ice fishing, which can be easily replaced if you want to try it out. Basic supermarket vertical spots visit many fish. I play a lot of jigs myself. In addition, a lounger, a ice fishing stool and a thermos bottle, so they already have time to spend time on the ice. Mormyska-Vap has saved many trips, ”says Olli.

Kaira is also important for safety.

"If the thickness of the ice doubts the drill on the beach immediately. If necessary, I will be on the way to the ice fishing spot. I am going to be careful in flowing waters and lake strait. I always report something I am going, and because I get back to. Always passes, firefighters and phone in a waterproof bag. Always knife, ax and rope, if I move on a sled. I take the snack and drink so much that if something happens, they will do well for the next day. "


 Set to these! With a high quality ice fishing merino wool rewards. A high -collar sweater protects and provides very additional heat. Also remember the thick ones merino wool socks and beanie mixed tube scarf. Merino wool clothing is comfortable and breathable under a ice fishing coverall or bark.