Refunds and Trade Cancellation

The cancellation of trade

You have 14 days to cancel the shop. Calculation begins when you have received the delivery.

It is possible to cancel the store partially or entirely to return to us the product or products and the return form.

The return form must always be completed and included. Without the return form, we do not know who the return is and we cannot return you money.

You will receive a return form with the shipment but You can also download it here.

Note! The mail will retain the package for only 7 days, after which the non -pick -up package returns to us. Failure to pick up an order is not a cancellation. We charge $ 10 for delivery, packaging and processing costs for the uninvoiced deliveries.


Make a return within 14 days of receiving the product.

Pack the products carefully. Preferably use the same bag or cardboard box where you received the shipment. Remove or cover the package for old shipping markings.

The exchange or return is free of charge for you when you follow our return instructions.

We do not receive shipments made in other ways and are not responsible for the costs of other transmissions.

Restore from the Post's parcel machine

  • Apply for a return code at
    • Select from: “Return with the original shipment ID”
  • Type on the package:
    • the return code you received and
    • Your name and address to the upper left corner.
  • Take the shipment to the Post's parcel machine.
  • The return is stored in the mail tracking service. You do not need a receipt for a return.

Restore at Post's Service Point

  • Type on top of the package: 618063
  • Take the shipment to the Post's service point and tell us that this is a customer return.
  • Keep the receipt for a refund until we have returned you money.

Repayment of your payment

We will refund your payment within 14 days after we have dealt with your return. We return the money in the same payment method you used to buy. The payment refund will be displayed no later than 14 days. We will not conduct further clarification regarding the refund of the money only 14 days after the compensation is made. We hope that you will not post a message until two weeks after the return process if the money is still not visible in your account. Thanks for patience and cooperation!


Please note that our return rights only apply to marketable products. This means that the products to be returned must be unused and in original condition. Please pay attention to the processing of the product before making the final purchase decision. Particular care of product contamination (also applies to possible animal hair and dust).

  • The right of return applies only to clean and unused products
  • Product stickers must be in place and the product must be returned in a neat and intact sales package (does not apply to a paper bag)
  • There is no right of return in socks and underwear if the product package has been opened

If the returned product does not meet the above mentioned conditions of sales, we reserve the right to charge the cost of the product's sales refurbishment. We charge at least 20 % of the sale price of the product.

If the product has been used and we cannot accept the refund, we will return the product to you when the return and any other re-shipping costs that have been given to us have been reimbursed.

When the return, we will refund the amount of the products you returned, not the shipping fee. If you have ordered products free of charge, but you end up keeping the products below the freedom limit, we will charge you a shipping fee for your order. The shipping fee is then automatically deducted from the price of the product/product you returned.